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Healthy Hips Coronavirus Bundle

Mobilize your stiff hips with super simple, super effective stretching and strength exericses

What you'll get:

  • Video instructions for over 30 extremely effective exercises to help your core and hips
  • Expert strategies that will save you time and money on unnecessary appointments and medical imaging
  • PDF workbooks and XLS spreadsheets to help you create simple custom routines targeted at your needs
  • Months' worth of home hip troubleshooting to get you stronger and healthier in the long run! 

Start freeing your hips now with this hip training package!

What People Are Saying:

“I bought Healthy Hips 1, and I am working through it, and IT IS CHANGING MY LIFE! I went from needing a cane and walking less than 1000 steps per day to standing at my desk most of the day and 3-5000 steps at a time. I was taking 2000 mg of Motrin every day to get through it. I have not taken anything for pain in WEEKS. In fact now when I’m in pain it’s a trigger to do the workouts. My hips barely hurt while walking. Now they are tight when I have ben sitting too long. Every time I think about the change this has made in my life I nearly cry. Since finding your program and eliminating almost all of my hip pain I have taken on a small workout routine and have committed to losing 50 pounds this year. I have lost 18 so far!”

Jason P.