Bodyweight Training That Builds You Up
Instead Of Breaking You Down.

Minimal equipment. Realistic time. Practical bodyweight training to get your life back.


You’re probably here because somewhere along the line your body stopped working as advertised.

For some folks it was trying to do something they’d done a hundred times picking some laundry off the floor...and their bodies said “no!"

For others, it was realizing they were never playing with their kids, not because they didn’t want to, but because they were worried they’d get injured and miss work. 

Still others just found themselves thinking the same thing every week…

I wish I had my old body back.

Maybe you've used our YouTube videos or online programs to get your mobility and strength back.

And now you're ready to do more, but you don't know how to do it safely.

Every time you try a workout program, you end up getting hurt. 

Boot camps ... injured.

High Intensity Interval Training ... injured.

The patented Beautiful Bodacious Babe Butt Burning Boob Enhancing Blast-off  ... injured.

The trademarked Testosterone Explosion with Pec-Pumping, Boulders-for-Shoulders Super Insane Muscle Mass Building Ludicrous Regimen ... injured. 

knee pain from exercise

This happens to pretty much everyone. Conventional wisdom says: the more we age, the less our bodies work. Things are just wearing out.

Your doctor tells you this is just a natural part of “getting older”.
Your mom tells you it happened to her and she learned to live with it!

Everyone tells you to get some rest, stop pushing yourself so hard, and start taking it slow.

But you don't like where that leads.  So you've started moving more. You're trying to take your destiny into your own hands. 

You've gotten most or at least some of the chronic aches and pains to go away just by learning how to stretch and exercise better! 

And now you're ready to take the next step forward.

You want to get stronger.  You want to feel like you can play with your kids, pull some weeds in the backyard, hop on a bike and ride for a couple hours - without worrying about your back and shoulders hurting.

You want to be able to go for a run, a hike, a swim and not feel like you've been kicked in the face. 

To do all of that means you'll have to build strength and mobility from the ground up. 

The good news is, the 1UP program can show you how.

Anyone can build strength and confidence, regardless of past injuries.

trevor upright health bodyweight training

My name is Trevor, and I help people safely erase their aches and pains so they can move like they used to.

Through the years I’ve worked with people who thought they’d never run again. People who had resigned themselves to the cycle of injury and “rest”. People who were on the verge of giving up on their bodies and going in for surgery. And there's a common phenomenon that I've seen. 

Once someone has progressed to being generally out of pain (like no more CONSTANT pain), they have a hard time taking the next steps forward. They’re understandably scared to get back to normal physical activity because the past has taught them that their body is “fragile."

Here’s the thing. For most people, this is just a limiting self belief. People trap themselves in a mental cage ... and they don’t realize they have the key.

If you suspect that’s where you are, too, I want you to know something: you have the ability to make your escape.

That's what the 1UP Program is about. It's about you getting an extra life in the game of life. It's about getting your life back - so you can enjoy the activities that you miss - the activities that you love.




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I’m happiest when I’m moving, and Trevor keeps me moving. I could stop right there because for me that says it all, but let me give you a glimpse of what training with Trevor could do for you...

I started training with Trevor following a hamstring reattachment procedure. As you can imagine I was impatient to get moving again, in my case back to running and rowing. Trevor structured our workouts to maximize my progress while keeping my recovery on a smooth and steady trajectory.

We rebuilt strength and range of motion step by step. When I hit a speed bump along the way, Trevor devised a three-step warmup precisely targeted to my issue. Simple as could be, easy to execute, and if I did it before my run I ran pain free. What’s not to like about that?

I’m delighted to report that my first post-repair half marathon exceeded my expectations.

~Mary W.
Retired Attorney

I Know What It's Like To Have My Body Fall Apart

I grew up as an athlete. My dad was a collegiate basketball coach. Sports were my life. Nothing was more important than performance on the field or court. That was where I felt most at home.

I played football in college. I never gave a second thought to the little aches and pains I experienced. I was young, strong, and ready to play. 

Then, one day, in the middle of a game, I lowered my shoulder to tackle the ball carrier.

The next thing I know I’m lying on the ground with my shoulder in searing pain.

My shoulder had dislocated. 

trevor doing extreme shoulder exercise

I tried to find a fix for ​my shoulder. I went to physical therapy. I went to doctors. ​And the final answer they gave me was, "you have a torn labrum. The only fix for that is surgery." 

I wanted to get my shoulder back so I could get my life I went under the knife.

And then I was put on restricted activity. And then I was stuck. 

While my shoulder didn't hurt as much as it did before, my shoulder didn't feel stable at all. I tried playing football again, but another shoulder injury made it clear that the surgery hadn't magically fixed my shoulder. 

Over the next several years, I lived with the crushing realization that I still wasn't going to be able to do the things I loved.

Key Lesson:
To Get Your Life Back, You Need To Start With The Basics

abc basics on chalkboard

I understand when people feel like they need to jump back into a sport RIGHT NOW. That's how I felt. 

And that's where most of us go wrong. 

When we try to get back to playing tennis, skiing, running marathons, or playing football, we try to just jump back into the activity. We try doing it a little bit, then adding more and more and more time - until we get hurt again. 

In that process we overlook the fundamentals. The fundamentals of becoming stronger and more confident in any endeavor isn't just about doing MORE. 

Getting strong and confident in your life isn't about working as hard as you can - grunting, sweating, puking, and feeling sore all the time.

It's about learning how to use your body properly. It's about paying attention to the quality of your movements - NOT the quantity (yet).  What's that mean for you? 

It means that to get your body to work well, you have to learn how to move it well. It means starting with basic movements and gradually increasing the complexity and difficulty - ONLY WHEN YOU'RE TRULY READY. 

This is hard work, but it's hard in a different way.

How do I know all this? Because to get my body and my life back, I had to take a hard look at myself. I had to look at the basics...and I didn't like what I saw. 

I re-examined everything about the way I moved and felt. I looked at countless movements that I thought I was good at, and I realized I was was performing them terribly. 


The Truth About Healthy Training...

The fitness industry wants you to think that MORE is always better. Every issue of every fitness magazine pushes brutal workouts that Hollywood stars and swimsuits models allegedly do six days a week. And group fitness classes always push you to do "JUST ONE MORE REP!" :-D "YOU CAN DO IT!" 

But more of a bad thing is still a bad thing. 

If you can't do a movement properly, doing it one hundred times doesn't make it better. If you can't control a motion, doing it with your arms and legs flailing as fast as you can is a terrible idea.  

That's exactly how you get hurt. 

For the average person, quality of movement is far more important than quantity. 

trevor handstand bodyweight exercise

For example, I thought I could do over 50 “push-ups." But if I did them with EXCELLENT mechanics, I could only do 10. And those 10 felt really tough. 

I realized that my form on almost every exercise was terrible. And by doing so many repetitions of these exercises poorly, I had been setting myself up for injury all over my body

This whole process was a huge challenge to my ego, but the thought of playing football again made me swallow my pride, and I kept working...

Today, I do handstands, I compete in Jiu-Jitsu, I dance, I lift weights, play sports without fear, and I always move with confidence despite my old injuries.

Why? Because I forced myself to learn fundamental movements the right way. Before I tried to do the hard stuff like cartwheels and handstands, I started with the absolute basics.

Starting with the basics is how you get your life back. That's how you achieve the recovery of your dreams...

But I want you to know that it takes time and effort to get there...

It takes training ​consistently and learning how to use your body well. And that's why we created this bodyweight training program.

Who Is This Bodyweight Training Program For? 

trevor training client at upright health

If you’re looking to get jacked, swole, or “like...totally shredded” -- this isn’t the right program for you.

But if you want to build strength that serves you in daily life...

If you want to hear that satisfying thwack of the golf ball again...

If you want to pick up your nephew or niece and hoist them up overhead as they laugh maniacally...

​If you want to hear the ocean roaring as you paddle into position for the perfect wave...

If you want to pull that last stubborn weed out of the garden...

Then you're in the right place. 


1UP is a simple, straightforward system that help people create functional strength. It’s the kind of strength and range of motion you need to do the things you love. 

So will you feel stronger and more confident? Yup.

Will you look better too? Yup (but not overnight).

As you build strength and muscle, you'll gradually see the changes in your body.

Will you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger or turn into a she-Hulk with boulders for shoulders and a manly jawline? 

No. That takes a lot of work, time, and dedication (and sometimes questionable supplements...). 

This isn’t about getting a body that’s nice to look at (though that's a nice bonus that comes with time). It’s about creating a strong, capable body that can perform - so you can keep playing the game of life with confidence! 

trevor doing macaco bodyweight trick

I Know You've Tried Workout Programs Before...

And if you're here, you were probably disappointed. 

Maybe you followed a fancy program that said it would make you as tough as a Navy SEAL.

Or you tried a brutal 90 day workout program that was supposed to make you look like a Hollywood Superstar.

Or maybe you got an app on your phone that a twenty year old skinny woman made to help other women look like her.

...And on day three your back gave out. Or your hips seized up. Or you were so sore you couldn’t walk. You didn’t get what you needed, and it was demoralizing.

Your body still feels weak.  YOU still feel weak. And you can’t move  the way you used to without constant anxiety about getting hurt again...

It's not just you. Getting hurt is the logical result of how a lot of workout programs are designed. 

Do you really want to be a Navy SEAL with your bodyweight program?


The U.S. Navy SEALs are some of the world's most elite military operatives. They are well known for daring operations and for the brutal training regimen they must survive to become SEALs. 

We've had the privilege to work with some SEALs in the past who shared a not-so-secret secret. At the beginning of their training and selection process, they get a friendly warning from their instructors...

"You're going to develop injuries here that will last the rest of your life." 

Does that sound like the right path for you?

Commons Workouts Have Common Problems

At Upright Health, we work with people who are into all kinds of sports and activities. Whether it’s Crossfit, Powerlifting, Pilates, Yoga, or Modern Dance, we’ve seen a lot of bodies and a lot of body types.

We’ve seen people aspire to be leaner, fitter, and stronger.

And we’ve seen exactly how wrong the common training approaches can be. Whether it’s a boot camp, a home workout, or a fancy app, these are common issues that lead to predictable pain and frustration...

1. Building Imbalances

 Want a stronger upper body? How about pushups? How about MORE pushups? Followed by planks? Followed by more pushups?

This approach is 99.9% guaranteed to cause shoulder or neck pain. The muscles of the chest and front of shoulder get stronger... without addressing the strength of the back of the shoulders and upper back!

Wonder why yoga hurts your shoulder and neck? This is commonly the problem. 

man doing plank exercise
man exhausted from barbell exercise

2. Outrageous Intensity

You spend at least eight hours a day as a working adult or full-time student. You go to the gym, and a trainer tells you the only way to get stronger is to drip gallons of sweat and lift the heaviest thing you can find. Come back tomorrow so you can run three miles, do two hundred squats, and grunt out thirty pull ups with terrible form. 

Or you go home and your phone fitness app tells you to go AS HARD AS HUMANLY POSSIBLE for forty five minutes. And then you’re supposed to do it again tomorrow? And then again the day after tomorrow?  Even though your body is sore, aching, and crying for recovery time? 

There are few humans on the planet who can put up with this level of intensity. 

But for the average adult with a job, kids, and/or other responsibilities, this is the quickest path to injury and/or burnout.

3. Mindless Execution

In many gyms and online training programs, a simple warning of “Watch your form” is about all you get. The main focus is on doing a ton of exercises as many times as you can.

But paying CLOSE attention to your form is the foundation of safe training. If you don’t learn to listen to your body, you’ll quickly end up injured as you ramp up your intensity (see #2!). That's why 1UP provides multiple levels of exercises and detailed instructional videos so you can make practical progress at your own personal pace. 

The 1UP Program Is Different From Other Training Programs

trevor teaching class

At Upright Health, we work with real people with real movement challenges. We've helped people avoid surgeries. We've helped people after surgeries. We've seen people who've had chronic pain for years, and we've seen people learn how to get their lives back. 

This isn't just one man's take on how to train. The 1UP Program is the result of thousands of hours of training real people at Upright Health. 

The 1UP Program is based on our team's over 25 years of collective experience working with people like you. 

What You Get With The 1UP Program

  • 12-week program that focuses on building a balanced foundation of movement and strength
  • 3 phase system to build your strength and conditioning safely that you can reuse over and and over again as you advance your skills
  •  Simple workouts that address muscles all around in your body in a sensible, balanced way 
  •  30 detailed videos to show you how to do every single exercise correctly with beginner to advanced variations to make sure you can learn the right one for you
  •  A gentle warm-up routine to prepare and balance out your body on a daily basis 
  •  Practical workouts that a full-time student or working adult can do without getting hurt
  •  Printable 60 page workbook so you can train distraction-free (i.e. PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE!!) with your workouts laid out day-by-day, week-by-week

Slow Progress is SAFE progress - even with "hard" exercises


In many bodyweight training programs, you get imbalanced.

Your front side gets strong and your back gets NOTHING. You need exercises that increase your ability to pull things towards you and your body UP toward the sky. 

One classic way to do this is the Chin-Up.


If you're like most people, your first thought is probably "I could never do one of those."  

But there's a simple, safe way to start ANY exercise (and no, it's not by DOING AS MANY AS YOU CAN AS FAST AS YOU CAN). 


We show you multiple versions of bodyweight exercises in the 1UP program so you can train safely.

Every video starts with the easiest beginner level and moves to the hardest.

Whether you're looking at Chin-Ups, Push-ups, Squats, Deadlifts, or Side Planks ... there's always a safe way to start!

This gives you the best shot at making progress towards your goal of moving right and feeling right.

A Closer Look At The 3 Training Phases Of The 1UP Program

The 1UP Program is designed to give you skills and strength that transfer to real life. Each phase lasts approximately 4 weeks and puts emphasis on specific attributes so you don't burn out on any one thing.

Placeholder Image


This phase focuses on learning new movements (or movements you know that you've never done properly!).

Placeholder Image


This phase focuses on building strength and endurance. You’ll work harder and faster than phase 1, but with movements appropriate to your skill level. 

Placeholder Image


This phase combines the movements you've learned with the strength you developed to build true confidence in your abilities. 


The basic movements you’ll learn in this program are crucial for winning the game of life...

...but the game of life isn't about moving in straight, predictable lines all the time. 

Life involves unexpected movements, unexpected twists, unexpected turns...

That’s why we’ve included six games to PLAY at the end of every workout in the program.

Every single workout ends with an open-ended game so you can explore and expand your abilities in a way that carries over to the challenges of real life. 

A Bodyweight Workout Without Guesswork


Through all the phases of the 1UP Program, you get workout cards to tell you exactly what you're doing for your workout that day. 

Each workout is straightforward and easy to follow. 

We've made each workout simple - so simple you don't even have to count! Just set your interval timer and put your attention on your body and the quality of your movements. 

bodyweight workout example

Katie B.

I hurt my hip doing hill training for a half marathon three years ago, and almost immediately went from being an avid exerciser and runner to feeling confined to my couch. I avoided going to the doctor for awhile, thinking it would get better on its own.

After several months of being tired and achey after only walking a couple blocks, and definitely not being able to run anymore, (and my kids telling me that I was starting to be old and boring) I decided to go see a doctor, who suspected I had a torn labrum in my right hip and immediately suggested surgery.

I revisited this doctor every three or four months. His solution was a steroid shot with a continual reminder that surgery was the best next option. When I continued to refuse it, he pretty much gave up on me. But looking back, I gave up on him too. I remember the last time I saw him, I cried on the table as he gave me yet another steroid shot.

He thought I was crying in pain. I was upset because I couldn't deal with this being my new lot in life. I just wouldn't accept that...

I'm pretty picky (and frankly pessimistic) when it comes to trainers telling me what's best for my body. But Trevor Hash is different. What struck me most was not just his clear intelligence (so smart!) but his extraordinary empathy for where I was. (He's dealt with his own shoulder issues so has been in my shoes.) There was no judgement or pressure, only interest what my physical problems were and who I was and how I would be best equipped to fix them. I'm a little type A, so when he gave me homework, I did it...

Fast forward to today, 6 months later. I'm running again. I'm down 30 pounds—thinner than I was before I got injured. 

People notice the physical changes in me. But what's more important is the emotional change.

I'm a different person...I truly believe that not only can I overcome these dumb hip issues, but I can be healthy and strong and live the life I want to.

I have different goals's not to make my hip stop hurting, it's to be in great physical shape again. My hip doesn't really bother me anymore, and I believe with every fiber of my being that I have Trevor to thank for that.

What Equipment Do I Need For The 1UP Bodyweight Program? 

This is a bodyweight training program, so you don't need much. This is the full list of equipment:

  • A pull-up bar
  • Gymnastics rings
  • Light, long resistance band
  • Tennis balls
  • An interval timer or stopwatch

You can get all these things online or at a sporting goods store for under $100 brand new. That's way cheaper than joining a gym or buying a bunch of weights you may never use.

How Do I Know This Bodyweight Program Will Work? 

1UP  follows the same principles we use with our clients. These are the principles that create the results that bring people to us.  It's hard to get an appointment with us because our approach works! 

But here’s the thing. These principles and this program only work if YOU do the work. It takes time and commitment.

It takes doing what you know is right for your body even though your mind tells you to watch TV and eat nachos.

Like so many other things in life, you get out of 1UP what you put in.

If you can stick with the program, if you can invest 30-60 minutes, three to five times a week to your success - then you will see results.

When you start the 1UP program, your new life with a stronger, more capable, resilient body starts too.

And, just in case you have any more doubts, we even go a step further with all our online programs...

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We want happy clients and happy students. If you try this program for 60 days and feel it isn't a good fit for you, just use our contact form for a full and prompt refund.  It's that simple. 


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