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You've probably been told that you need orthotics.


You've probably been told that you have flat feet. Or high arches.


You've probably been told that you need a never ending series of appointments that only get you temporary relief.


And if you're really unlucky, someone has told you that you need some kind of invasive surgery to cut something in your foot to fix your foot pain.

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Matt Hsu, creator of foot pain fix

I’m Matt Hsu from Upright Health.


When I was in my mid twenties, I started to develop severe daily foot pain. I would wake up and my feet would burn. It felt like someone was slicing the soles of my feet with razor blades.

I looked at all the advice I can find online and tried the conventional stretching approaches to beating my foot pain.

But for some reason things just didn't stick. My feet kept hurting, and I kept having the same symptoms of plantar fasciitis recur.

I work in tense surgical situations. I need to be extremely detail-oriented without losing sight of the bigger picture for my patients. That’s something I need to do well, and it’s a skill I recognize in others.

I believe in what Matt is trying to accomplish – promoting a perspective that helps others heal in a safe and holistic way. I give Matt my highest recommendation as a man of character and compassion, and I support his mission without reservation.

~Nathan Waxer, D.O.

doctor nathan w.

The frustrations of fixing foot pain

foot curled up in pain

You've probably heard the advice for your feet.

Just rest.

And if the pain comes back, you need to rest some more.

And if you still have the pain, then you need to take anti-inflammatories.

And someone has also probably told you that you have deformed feet that need orthotics to feel “normal.”


I tried orthotics. I tried resting. I didn't bother trying pain pills because I had had so many bad experiences with them in my teens.

The conventional perspectives on foot pain and plantar fasciitis are obsessed with the idea of inflammation and overuse.

But if those were the root causes of foot pain, rest and pain pills would solve everyone's foot pain problems.


In the end, you get frustrated. These approaches just don't work.

What causes plantar-fasciitis and other kinds of foot pain?

Medical treatments for foot pain miss a key point. It's so obvious it will make your jaw drop.

Your feet have muscles in them.

Remember that. Because it's something nobody ever bothers to tell you.


Why is this important?

Because your muscles need to work well to feel good. They need to be strong and flexible. They need to be balanced with one another.

And when muscles are not getting adequate challenge and stimulation, they start to hurt.

When muscles atrophy, they start to hurt.

Atrophy leads to foot pain

It's important to realize that rest leads to atrophy. And atrophy leads to pain.

For years doctors used to recommend bedrest for back pain. What they found in recent years, however, is that bed rest often makes back pain worse.

Imagine just resting on your couch for five days straight.

At the end of that five days do your butt muscles and hip joints feel better or worse? Will your back feel stronger and healthier or would it be achy from inactivity?

Resting your foot muscles will not solve foot pain in the long run.

resting for foot pain leads to pain

Did you know?

Up to just a few years ago, doctors used to prescribe days or weeks of bed rest for back pain patients. Eventually they realized that bed rest actually makes back pain WORSE.


Some doctors STILL give out this bad advice for your back - and your feet! 


Atrophy can’t be the cause of my foot pain because I walk every day!

In the modern world, we spend most of our lives in shoes.

Shoe companies have convinced us that we need the thickest shoes we can get to “protect” our feet.

The extra padding and cushioning is like wearing a cast on your feet. Your feet and toes never change shape or position.


The muscles in your feet don’t get to work.

So even if you are walking 10,000 steps in your shoes, your feet, toes, and ankles are being robbed of good motion! And the muscles atrophy. Your foot bones get locked into position.

Imagine what would happen if you never allowed your knees to bend.

Would they feel healthy and strong? Of course not.

Your knees, hips, and spine would all be aching from the lack of motion (and all the body-wide compensations).

thick sole boot not good for feet

But I walk barefoot in the house! Maybe my feet hurt because of that?

Walking barefoot is great! Kudos!

But walking barefoot on level surfaces doesn’t actually challenge our feet in a comprehensive way.

Truly healthy feet can move and adapt to uneven surfaces like you would find walking on a hiking trail or a field. Truly healthy feet and ankles will be able to handle walking on rocks and pebbles without being supported by giant cushions and straps.

If the idea of walking on dirt or grass sounds outrageously painful and scary, it’s because you’ve never spent time doing it or trying it! Therefore, your feet aren’t ready for it (yet).

But you CAN gradually train them to be ready!

barefoot feet on grass

I have flat feet, so that’s causing my foot pain… right?

You may have flat feet (AKA fallen arches), but that doesn’t mean it’s the cause of your foot pain. Many people have flat feet and no foot pain at all. When you dive into the research, you find there’s no relationship between low arches and foot pain.

The theory that arch height relates to foot pain is highly correlated with how much money someone can charge you for orthotics.

And that’s not to say people selling orthotics are doing it for the wrong reasons. It just means they have every incentive to NOT look more deeply at the root of foot problems.

Having flat feet is a sign that your deep intrinsic foot muscles aren’t strong and functional.

So flat feet CAN be a sign of a problem, but sticking an orthotic under your arch doesn't fix anything. 

Training your foot muscles to wake up can help you build up your arch (it’s a slow process, but it does happen!).

flat feet and collapsed ankles and foot pain

I have high arches, so that’s causing my foot pain…right?

A lot of people have high arches and no foot pain at all. When you dive into the research, you find there’s no relationship between high arches and foot pain.

The theory that arch height relates to foot pain is highly correlated with how much money someone can charge you for orthotics.

Again, that’s not to say people selling orthotics are doing it for the wrong reasons. It just means they have every incentive to NOT look more deeply at the root of foot problems.

Training full range of motion in your foot and ankles will restore a healthy feeling to your painful feet.

toes and foot hurt

I wear orthotics, so those are keeping my feet protected….right?

Wrong! Orthotics are a crutch that should be used as sparingly as possible.

If you sprained your ankle, thus limiting the function of your ankle muscles. You might need to use a crutch for a couple days to help you get from point A to point B.

But you wouldn’t use that crutch all day for the rest of your life. If you did, your foot, ankle, leg, and hip muscles would all atrophy as a result. Your spine and upper body would change too.

If your foot’s deeper muscles aren’t functioning well to maintain your arch or foot position while walking or running, using orthotics doesn’t fix the problem.

Orthotics mask your foot and ankle problems and make your feet (and hips) weaker over time.

orthotics like crutches don't fix foot pain

I have plantar fasciitis! Won’t more exercise inflame my feet?

The feeling of foot pain in the plantar fascia comes from more than just your plantar fascia. In fact, based on thousands of people’s feedback on this video, there's PROOF that “plantar fasciitis” can go away almost instantly - if you focus on the HIP muscles.

The mistake the medical system makes is thinking that the site of pain is the location of the problem.

The reality is that a kink in your hips, thigh, or ankle can cause foot pain that fits the description of plantar fasciitis.

To fix your plantar fasciitis foot pain, you have to keep the whole body in mind.

plantar fasciitis razor blades in foot



I was waking up with foot pain every day.

Massaging my feet and calves didn’t help for very long. Stretching my feet and calves helped a little bit but not for very long.

One day I started doing some hip flexor and glute stretching, and I was shocked. The side I had just stretched felt almost instantly better…

And I realized that the more I sat, the worse my plantar fasciitis.

The more I “rested” in a chair, the worse my feet felt. That was when a lightbulb went off.

If the problem was really that my plantar fascia was inflamed, sitting and resting should have made it better.

But resting was obviously making it worse.


AND working on my hip muscles clearly improved my feet!

When I posted a video sharing just a small fraction of the full Foot Pain Fix Program, this is what people said...

foot pain fix testimonial
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