Can this HEAL your hip cartilage?

What can astronauts teach us about your joint pain? This popular way to heal cartilage to fix hip or knee pain from “osteoarthritis” needs a serious look. Doctors recommend it all the time, and if it does work, will it actually relieve your hip and knee pain? What about in your spine? Let's look at what happens when you rest and what happens to astronauts who provide a perfect case-study for "no-impact" living for overall joint health. 

Rest to heal cartilage in your hip and knee is a popular treatment recommendation for osteoarthritis. But when you dig into the research on hip arthritis and knee arthritis, you discover that cartilage damage is an unlikely explanation for hip pain and knee pain. And even if rest can fix cartilage damage, it virtually guarantees that you’ll suffer from crippling muscle atrophy. 

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