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We have programs that are suitable for your level of mobility and strength.

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We explain the how's and why's so you can make good decisions.

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We base our programs ‚Äčon the real-world results we get with our clients.

Train Your Hips

Stiff, painful, inflexible hips? Get started with our basic Healthy Hips 1 program to reactivate your core and free your hip muscles.


Fix Your Hunchback Posture

Understand and eliminate hunchback posture. On your own. At home. No chiropractic adjustments, massages, or expensive devices necessary. 

Simple, straightforward workout routine to hit your hunchback AND forward head posture.

This program efficiently addresses hunchback postural issues only. If you have a hunchback AND shoulder issues, check out the Shoulder Fix.

For a complete approach to back pain that addresses the hips and shoulders as well, check out the Back Pain Fix. 

hunchback posture transformation

Stuck in anterior pelvic tilt? Tired of your duck butt? 

One of the most common postural issues people struggle with today is anterior pelvic tilt. The low back, hip, and knee pain that go with it can be a huge drain and hindrance in your daily life. 

The Fix Anterior Tilt Program helps you identify the weak links that keep you defaulting to anterior pelvic tilt.

It helps you strengthen and stretch the right muscles so you can get control of your pelvis position (without having to use a bunch of straps and bands to keep yourself locked unnaturally in position!). 

This program is geared specifically toward the correction of anterior pelvic tilt. It is laser focused on anterior tilt and does not comprehensively approach the whole body aches and pains that may arise from anterior tilt. If you've got whole-body aches and pains, we strongly recommend you check out the Back Pain Fix. 

person with back pain

Shoulder problems? Fix them with the Shoulder Fix.

Pain raising your arms overhead or to your sides? Do your shoulders or neck ache on a daily basis? Have you tried massage, chiropractic, and just about everything with no lasting results?

The Shoulder Fix will teach you how to retrain your spine and shoulders to be mobile and pain free - for life!

This program addresses spinal and upper body alignment issues, specific shoulder issues, and can be extremely helpful for symptoms of Frozen Shoulder and Thoracic Outlet. 

If you have shoulder, back, AND hip issues, we suggest starting with the Back Pain Fix!

strong shoulder muscles
person with back pain

Back Pain? Whole body hurting? 

Discover and target the weak links in your body that contribute to your back pain. Issues with your hip, shoulder, and spine muscles can all create the conditions that lead to back pain.

This program will help you identify your most problematic areas all over your body so you can fix your back pain (and some of your hip pain and shoulder pain!) yourself.

If you have shoulder, hip, AND back pain, we suggest using this program FIRST. This program addresses upper and lower body alignment, mobility, and strength. It covers key hip and shoulder mobility/strength issues as they relate to back pain. While it does not dive deeply into shoulder or hip pain, it will have a positive effect! 


Feet hurt? Tired of using orthotics? Get stronger feet with the Foot Pain Fix.

The struggle with foot pain can be especially frustrating. Conventional approaches to foot pain often fail to address the root cause of foot pain - weak muscles ALL OVER the body. 

Foot pain isn't just about "inflamed" feet. It's about training your weak foot AND hip muscles to work well together! 

This program addresses the muscles of your foot, lower leg, and hips. 

strong shoulder muscles
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Get the Full Freedom Bundle

For the truly devoted and motivated: get instant access to ALL of our most popular programs! Prepare your body for the life you've been dreaming of. 

This bundle includes the Healthy Hips 1 + 2, Hunchback Fix, Anterior Pelvic Tilt Fix, Shoulder Fix, Back Pain Fix, Foot Pain Fix, and the bonus Perfect Posture Principles for one single price of $560 (a 30% discount off the full price of all the programs together!).

Each program includes assessments to identify biggest roadblock as well as detailed videos that walk you through each exercise!