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My online training programs teach you how to fix your pain yourself using easy-to-follow functional exercises. You'll improve your flexibility, strength, and quality of life. 

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Our programs are suitable for all levels of mobility and strength. 

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We explain the how's and why's so that you can choose the right exercises for you, instead of following one-size-fits-all instructions.

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Our programs have helped over 31,392 customers get stronger and more flexible.

Healthy Hips 

Stiff, painful, inflexible hips? The Healthy Hips Foundation Program will help you move freely, eliminate pain, and save thousands of dollars on appointments with specialists. 

Designed with simple follow-along workouts with a practical schedule for real people.


The FAI Fix 


After 9 successful years, I decided to wind down the FAI Fix and roll all my hip pain knowledge and experience into the Healthy Hips program. 

Ultimately, it's not the diagnosis that matters. It's how you train your hips. 

So whether you've been told it's "femoroacetabular impingement" or something else, the Healthy Hips program is the way to rebuild your hips. 


Hunchback Fix

Understand and eliminate hunchback posture. On your own. At home. No chiropractic adjustments, massages, or expensive devices necessary. 

Simple, straightforward workout routine to hit your hunchback AND forward head posture.

This program is laser-focused on hunchback postural issues only.

If you have shoulder pain, check out the Shoulder Fix. If you also have hip and back pain, check out the Back Pain Fix.


Asian Squat Program

Get on the shortest, cheapest route to your deepest squat. 

This super affordable course organizes and distills the huge collection of Asian Squat information into an easily digestible format that'll get you into the squat every human should be able to do.


Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Stuck in anterior pelvic tilt? The Fix Anterior Tilt Program quickly helps you identify the weak links that keep you trapped in anterior pelvic tilt. Learn how to strengthen and stretch the right muscles so you can get control of your pelvis position get rid of that "duck butt!" 

This program is geared specifically toward the correction of anterior pelvic tilt. It is laser focused on anterior tilt! If you've got a lot aches and pains all over your body, we strongly recommend you check out the Back Pain Fix. 


Shoulder Fix 

Do your shoulders or neck ache on a daily basis? Pain raising your arms overhead or to your sides? 

Safely repair your body with our proven 3-step Shoulder Fix system that will help you to relieve years of pain and start enjoying life again.

This program addresses spinal and upper body alignment issues, specific shoulder issues, and can be extremely helpful for symptoms of Frozen Shoulder and Thoracic Outlet. 


Back Pain Fix

Back Pain? Whole-body hurting? Discover and target the weak links in your body that contribute to your back pain.

The Back Pain Fix will help you address the most problematic areas all over your body. You’ll learn the exercises you need to fix your back pain yourself for good.

If you have shoulder, hip, AND back pain, we suggest using this program FIRST. This program addresses upper and lower body alignment, mobility, and strength. It covers key hip and shoulder mobility/strength issues as they relate to back pain. While it does not dive deeply into shoulder or hip pain, it will have a positive effect! 


Foot Pain Fix

Feet hurt? Get stronger feet and relieve pain fast with the Foot Pain Fix. This program addresses the muscles of your feet, lower legs, and hips to help relieve foot pain. Plus you'll learn how to keep your feet feeling good for life.


What Our Students Are Saying

“For the price of this program, I managed to fix my hunchback problem. A physical therapist with my not-so-great insurance would have set me back hundreds and required more than one visit. Upright Health teaches you to take care of your problems yourself, before needing medical intervention or a PT visit."

- Vlad, Hunchback Fix Program

“I’ve been utilizing the tools in the Shoulder Fix for a few months now and I’m back to swimming my normal five days/week. That’s really exciting and was frankly unthinkable when I first had the injury”!

- John, Shoulder Fix Program

“I bought Healthy Hips 1, and I am working through it, and IT IS CHANGING MY LIFE! I went from needing a cane and walking less than 1000 steps per day to standing at my desk most of the day and 3-5000 steps at a time. I was taking 2000 mg of Motrin every day to get through it. I have not taken anything for pain in WEEKS. In fact now when I’m in pain it’s a trigger to do the workouts.”

- Jason, Healthy Hips Program

"If there's someone who has tried everything and I mean EVERYTHING it's me. Having the power to understand what's going on with your own body is an incredible feeling and I just wanted to say thank you again”

- Samantha, FAI Fix Program

“I have been faithfully doing some of your exercises for the last week and have experienced significant relief in my back pain. I understand that this problem will probably not be eliminated at my age, but I have found HOPE with your exercises of being able to continue my love of an active lifestyle at my age. Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting your exercises!"

- Susan W., APT Fix Program

“Within 2 weeks, the pain and dysfunction were 75% gone. Two weeks later, I was and remain pain-free.”

- Sylvia S., Back Pain Fix Program

“Wow, this is nuts! Really helps your feet immediately! These are so important to know...major foot injuries are so debilitating and cause so many other gait problems. I've tried so many things!”

-Dani H. after watching just one free YouTube video on foot pain!


Here are some of our most frequently asked questions.  If you want more information about a specific program, then click on one of the programs above to get the details on how it works.

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