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An Affordable Asian Squat Program

In 2022, I set out to help hundreds of millions of people do a deep squat for free. I started making YouTube videos to answer questions about the deep 'Asian' squat. In just a few months, my videos on the deep squat got millions of views. 

But from reading thousands of comments, I realized that a lot of people were still having trouble finding all the answers they needed from all the free videos I put out. 

So I've organized the most important YouTube videos I've made into an easy navigable course. 

This will help you cut to the chase so you can get low in your squat as fast as possible! And I'm making it SUPER affordable. 


Let me be super straightforward. It costs money to film and edit videos, run this website, and have time to field questions. 


And at the same time, I don't want money to be a big issue for someone trying to do the deep squat.


So I set a low minimum price, and I'm asking you to pay what you can afford. If you're a long-time fan, and you want to pay $50 or $100, thank you!

If you're a student with only a couple bucks in the bank, pay the minimum! 


No matter what, you've still got a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee if you aren't satisfied for any reason.


Frequently Asked Questions

I put out ALL of the videos for free on YouTube already! My goal was to make sure EVERYONE could access the knowledge easily without a cost barrier. 

In this course, I've organized everything into a logical order, so it's easier to understand and navigate. 

I've compiled all my best YouTube videos on the deep squat and organized them so you can follow a logical path to a deeper squat. I've also included some simple written guidelines for weekly and daily training.

Yes. We can also call it the "poo squat" since it's how humans have pooped up until the last approximately two hundred years with the introduction of the British toilet. 

It's probably fine, but if you have doubts, ask an intelligent physician who specializes in critical thinking. There may be some rare instances where you may need to be extra cautious. It is beyond the scope of this FAQ to attempt to evaluate your personal needs based on your medical history.

Keep in mind that the deep squat has been a natural and unavoidable part of daily life for billions of humans for thousands of years. It is how humans have pooped forever.

Lack of practice for humans living with toilets and chairs has gravely weakened the muscles and coordination required for deep squatting. 

This video has safety information on doing the deep squat (and is also a part of the orientation in the course). 

You'll need to discuss the limits of your joint replacements with your physician. A knee or hip replacement may create hard limits to range of motion that make the deep squat impossible. 

Nope. No gimmicks. Pay what you want. The end. ūüėÄūü§ô

And you STILL get 60 days to decide whether the program was worth what you paid. If not, then just contact my team for a full refund. 






Satisfaction Guaranteed

As with all my programs, if you aren't satisfied, just let my team know, and you'll get a full and prompt refund!

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