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Frequently Asked Questions

We are not medical practitioners and can't give you medical advice, but we can tell you this.

Research on X-rays and MRIs for diagnosing pain sources is clear: X-rays and MRIs are of no practical use. They are misleading and cause unnecessary mental anguish. 

The research that supports surgical intervention for joint issues is highly biased and of poor quality. It's no surprise that the studies supporting surgery are invariably written by surgeons with a strong financial incentive to promote surgery.

Many orthopedic surgical interventions on joint issues demonstrate the same historical pattern: Widespread use supported by heavily biased, badly flawed research. Over time, independent research shows that the surgeries themselves are no better than fake surgeries but with higher risks of complication. Outcomes are never even close to what surgeons initially claimed. But after years of widespread use, surgeries are already entrenched in society as "the right answer" for joint pain. 

We believe you should  improve joint mechanics by addressing the strength and coordination deficits in the muscles. Muscles clearly affect joint motion. Muscles also hurt when they are deconditioned. 

As your muscle control improves, seemingly insurmountable joint problems disappear. We see this happen time and again. The pattern holds true with even the most scary sounding of medical diagnoses (e.g. stenosis, degenerative discs, femoroacetabular impingment, meniscus tears, osteoarthritis, etc.).

It does, and it doesn’t. Because we see a large number of older people in our society moving slowly and suffering with lots of musculoskeletal maladies, we tend to believe that these problems are simply part and parcel of getting old. This only appears to be true because we do not see as many older people who have figured out how to maintain mobility and strength.

If you wrapped your hand up in a fist and kept it taped shut for the next thirty years, your hand would be stiff, inflexible, and definitely painful. We wouldn’t blame “age” as the problem; we would point at the tape and conclude that it had a deleterious effect on your hand's function. If a small restriction affects your movement patterns negatively, it can easily snowball into a worse and worse situation over time. That is what happens to us as we age - unless we actively combat that process.

We help our clients learn how to gradually and progressively push their bodies in a positive way - no matter their age or history.

Sorry things didn't work out. Just use the contact form below to request a refund.

We generally process refund requests as soon as they are received. You should see a refund to your account within 5 business days.  

We hope you're able to find a solution that fits your needs!

It can be hard to get in touch with us on the timetable you demand. Here's why.

We are dedicated to helping people think right, move right, and feel right. To think clearly enough to serve our clients during their sessions and to create great online content, we find it necessary to establish strict boundaries around our time. To think creatively enough to solve complicated problems, we need time to experiment with and train our own bodies. To be the best coaches we can be, we carve out space from the mental and physical chaos that results from constant 24/7 connectedness.

In short, taking care of your body and mind is important. To help you, taking care of our bodies and minds is important too.

Your patience and understanding are appreciated (and will be part of your long term learning process). 

Get in touch.

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