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I'm not currently doing personal appointments or consultations. I'm dedicated to helping as many people as possible help themselves think right, move right, and feel right. 

I've been working at this mission since 2007, and I've learned that I need time and space to focus and create. 

I also prioritize time with my young son, as well as making sure to spend what time we can with his aging grandparents as they progress through senescence.  

Unfortunately, this means I currently do not have the time, mental energy, or emotional bandwidth to work with clients on an individual basis.

I do my best to see the patterns in questions and then answer the questions in videos for everyone's long-term benefit. 

I encourage you to look at my DIY programs or go to YouTube and search for your "[your issue] upright health" (Example: Shoulder Pain Upright Health or Hip Arthritis Upright Health). 

Also, check out the free resources I've created to help you navigate your way out of pain. 

For one-on-one coaching, I would suggest contacting one of these individuals (and tell them 'hi' for me!😀):  


To help others be healthy, I need to be healthy.

I cannot be calm, strong, creative, resilient, or resourceful for my family or for anyone else if I am constantly connected and fielding hundreds of deeply personal (and sometimes emotionally draining) questions from around the world. 

As such, I don't do phone or video calls with individuals at this time. 

I encourage you to take a look at all the resources I've created to help you navigate some sticky issues on your own. 

Due to the volume of emails (and the limitations of text -based communication), my team and I cannot and do not provide personalized advice to anyone but students of my online programs


Did you know that you can have bone-on-bone contact without pain or immobility? Doctors rarely tell you this (or even know it themselves), but it's been shown in multiple large-scale medical studies in the knees, hips, spine, and shoulders.

Even if you have "bad" arthritis in X-rays, you can have perfect function and zero pain. Even if you DON'T have bad arthritis in X-rays, you can still be in a lot of pain! 

The key is to Always Think Muscles. Your muscles are the organs of movement, and with training, you can improve the overwhelming majority of aches and pains. 

It's important to know what the science says before you jump into anything. Take it slow because surgery is an irreversible decision.

First, you should read ATM Theory: Your Joint Pain May Actually be Muscle Pain. It will challenge some strongly held beliefs and show you steps forward. 

Then check out these detailed articles:

It's important to know what the science says before you jump into anything. Take it slow because surgery is an irreversible decision.

You should read ATM Theory: Your Joint Pain May Actually be Muscle Pain. It will challenge some strongly held beliefs and show you steps forward. 

For the truth about knee meniscus tear surgery, read this article.


It does, and it doesn’t. Because we see a large number of older people in our society moving slowly and suffering with lots of musculoskeletal maladies, we tend to believe that these problems are simply part and parcel of getting old. This only appears to be true because we do not see as many older people who have figured out how to maintain mobility and strength.

If you wrapped your hand up in a fist and kept it taped shut for the next thirty years, your hand would be stiff, inflexible, and definitely painful. We wouldn’t blame “age” as the problem; we would point at the tape and conclude that it had a deleterious effect on your hand's function. If a small restriction affects your movement patterns negatively, it can easily snowball into a worse and worse situation over time. That is what happens to us as we age - unless we actively combat that process.

For a detailed illustration and explanation, watch this video: Why Your Knees Hurt As You Age

My heart goes out to you. The stress of such a prognosis is unimaginable. I encourage you to take some breaths and take your time in coming to a decision. I can't know the details of your child's situation, so you'll need to navigate this with measured perspective. 

I can say that I've heard many scary arguments surgeons make for pediatric surgeries to "prevent" future joint damage, and none of them have been backed by science. 

I would personally not allow any orthopedic surgeon near my own child unless he had been maimed in a traumatic accident and needed reconstructive work (and I pray this scenario NEVER happens).

Read the following articles:

For parents of children with alleged hip "deformities" (e.g. FAI and dysplasia), take heart. Surgeons claim these "deformities" lead to arthritis/degeneration/pain. But this multiple studies completely debunks that pseudoscientific scare tactic. 


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