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Upright Health is dedicated to helping people eliminate the fear, anxiety, and physical limitations that come with chronic pain.

Our goal is to help people understand how the body works on a basic level. We work collaboratively with our clients to help them overcome injuries, chronic pain, and dysfunctional muscles with a blend of flexibility, mobility, and strength training.

On our popular YouTube channel and blog, we make musculoskeletal research accessible and understandable. We explain the philosophies and faults of orthopedic surgeries so people can make better choices about aches, pains, and daily life.

We strive to share all that we learn so that the whole world has the opportunity to move right and feel right.

Matt Hsu

Founder of Upright Health, Father of One, Master of None. 

His own battle with chronic pain from the age of 16 in his feet, knees, hips, back, shoulders, elbows, forearms, wrists, hands, and head gives him a uniquely thorough understanding of musculoskeletal pain, the ways in which it can undermine an entire life, and the mental and physical hurdles that keep people from getting out of it.

Matt was certified in the Rolf Method of Structural Integration by the Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO. He achieved an Egoscue certification of Posture Alignment Specialist Level II. He is also certified as a Corrective Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer by the National Academy of Sports Medicine and as an Orthopedic Exercise Specialist through ACE. He studies books, videos, and blogs on rehabilitative and strength training constantly.

When not working, he's stretching in the living room, learning to surf, learning dance or gymnastics moves, or riding a bike with his son in tow.

NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, ACE Orthopedic Exercise Specialist, Graduate of Egoscue University Posture Alignment Specialist Program, Graduate of the Dr. Ida Rolf Institute, B.A. University of California Los Angeles

Vincent Do

Instagram Educator and Deadlift Connoisseur

Vincent began his journey in health and fitness as a competitive powerlifter. Despite achieving advanced levels of strength that set California state records in his weight class, he found himself continually plagued by recurring injuries and subsequent plateaus that he could not find effective, practical, and sustainable solutions to.

Using his analytical skills and obsessive drive, he's spent years working through his own physical hurdles and movement dysfunctions and helping countless clients with theirs. Over time, he has developed a deeply nuanced knowledge base to help others systemically take back control of their bodies. He takes pride and pleasure in being able to break down strength and movement principles so they're accessible to everyone.

B.S. San Jose State University; NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist; USPA Drug-Tested National Record Holder - Men's Open Division 114lb / 52kg


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