ATTENTION: People With Shoulder Pain

Finally, a simple and easy-to-follow solution to fix shoulder pain yourself that relieves years of pain and lets you start enjoying life again...


Without another expensive trip to the physical therapist…
Or visiting a chiropractor who is only interested in treating your symptoms…
Or wasting endless hours figuring it out on your own with bad advice from the internet…


This unique program reveals why Physical Therapists, Chiros, Doctors, and other health professionals will never show you the real way to fix shoulder pain yourself.


And unlike most other Shoulder Pain solutions you see out there online or from other health professionals you’ve used…

This unique program focuses on fixing the root cause of your Shoulder Pain and not just treating the symptoms…


Keep reading below to see exactly what the real way is to fix Shoulder Pain, why it works…

And how you can start using it right now…

To wake up every day without shoulder pain…

While putting an end to that feeling of dread you get every time you reach for something on the top shelf of the cupboard...

Hi, I'm Matt Hsu, Founder of Upright Health.

In the last few years, my programs have been used by over 33,814 people, and my YouTube channel has grown to over 752,525 subscribers.

In this program, I’m going to show you what hundreds of our members have used to finally free themselves from Shoulder Pain...


You’ll start to see improvements in shoulder function pretty much immediately.

It’s a complete game-changer for anyone with shoulder pain or shoulder mobility problems, and I’m confident you won’t find another in-depth program structured in this way anywhere else.

Because it combines the experience from both my 14 years helping people solve their health issues and my 20-year personal battle with shoulder pain and dysfunction.


I get there is a lot of skepticism when it comes to fixing shoulder pain because there is so much bad advice out there.

Yet many people who’ve completed the Shoulder Fix program refer to this as the best solution for shoulder pain they’ve ever seen.

I get that might seem like a bold statement…

The thing is, instead of forcing you to believe there is some “magic cure”, or one special exercise that will completely remove your shoulder pain forever…

Which is just not true…

...We focus on combining the 3 core strategies you need into one simple and easy-to-follow program.

The real way to fix your shoulder pain is to follow a set of proven exercises, with clear instructions, and having someone there to guide you along the way…


My unique ‘RSE Method’ includes these 3 core strategies to address your unique situation with a program that works for you and your body. More on that later...

This means once you teach your muscles how to activate and work in new positions, you’ll be able to move your shoulder up, down, and all-around pain-free! 

Heidi Shoulder Fix User

I was ready to have surgery on my shoulder after four years of pain and not getting anywhere with the various methods I'd tried. My pain started out as a feeling of tearing in my upper right trapezius. It had come on gradually even though I hadn't had any accidents. I was ignoring the pain, and it wasn't going away...

Within the first week of getting oriented to the program, I was already experiencing more strength and mobility just by doing the arm circles daily. I couldn’t believe how quickly that simple exercise gave me relief, and hope!

I have so much more hope now than ever before....This method is working quicker than anything. My advice to you is to try this! It’s worth the small amount of money!  

I am happy to say that I’m back painting with my favorite oil paints! My galleries will be happy to see my new work!

Thank you, Matt!


Three years ago, I started working at my first desk job as an engineer.

Two years into the job, I started to experience a lot of shoulder and hip pain. For months, I tried everything I could think of – ergonomic evaluations, multiple physical therapists, medications, chiropractor, acupuncture, deep tissue massages – but nothing helped alleviate the pain.

I was in constant pain, and my range of motion was severely limited. I had trouble driving, sleeping, and working. At one point, I seriously considered quitting my job and doing a complete career change which did not involve sitting or computers.

After nearly 10 months of trying everything, my friend recommended Upright Health, and after the first session with Matt, I felt a noticeable difference. The pain was not gone, but I felt better than I had in months...

After 4 months of training, the pain was 95% gone, and I have been able to continue working at my job with no problems.

My life has drastically improved.



My shoulder pain started at the age of 19. 

I hurt my right shoulder while snowboarding.

I’d love to say it was from doing backflips in front of a cheering crowd.

I’d love to say I went out in a blaze of glory.

But the reality was…much more embarrassing.

I was actually just getting a tiny bit of air...I twisted my body to initiate a little spin. My arms were outstretched.

As I twisted, I felt and heard a clunk in my right shoulder. The humerus (the upper arm bone) shifted, and I gagged from the pain.

I landed face-first in the snow. The pain in my shoulder was excruciating.

My shoulder, back, and arm all burned in a way I had never experienced before…

That was the beginning of years of shoulder problems.


I tried countless sessions with different physical therapists and health professionals over the years who were also unable to help me.


And I would end up spending $50 to $150 bucks a time, for a massage, physiotherapist, or chiro session, getting some pain relief, only to go back to feeling exactly the same a few days later (sometimes within a few hours).

Fast forward a few years, I was living alone in a tiny studio apartment in Japan teaching English.

I was constantly sitting at a desk and in the evenings I spent most of my time on a computer.

I was trying to figure out how to sit at the computer so my right shoulder wouldn’t hurt.

And although I didn’t realize it at the time, that’s when I started sitting with BIG time anterior tilt.

I cranked my lower back into extension as much as I could. This made my shoulder feel better and seemed to match the idea of “sitting up straight.” 

But then it caused back problems, and my shoulder stability didn't really stick. 


Eventually, I realized that the only way to relieve my shoulder pain was to teach my muscles what to do. 


The problem was nobody was helping me figure that out. 

Everyone was focused on treating the symptom and not getting to the root cause of the problem. 

I also found that most health professionals don't understand how muscles work together...

And they often have an outdated and oversimplified understanding of the muscles involved in shoulder pain. 

But now, I live a new life free of shoulder pain. I surf on an almost daily basis, and my shoulders NEVER hold me back. 

And I can help you achieve this too. 



When I’m not at the beach with my beautiful wife and son, I help regular people think, move right, and feel right by showing them how to take care of themselves through prevention and maintenance exercises.

Over the years, I have also been certified in the following:

  • NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist and Personal Trainer
  • Orthopedic Exercise Specialist through ACE
  • Rolfing Method of Structural Integration
  • Egoscue University Posture Alignment Specialist Level II

I have over half a million subscribers on YouTube who understand that my mission is to help everyone fix themselves without drugs, pills, or surgery.

doctor pam shoulder fix user

"I am a 60-year-old physician, and if I can’t fix myself with non acute musculoskeletal issues, I don’t usually go to the doctor. I’ve been lucky enough to have sought out massage therapy, chiropractic treatment, and have gotten involved on my own with yoga, Alexander technique, and the Egoscue method.

My X-ray shows calcium deposits in my right shoulder, and I probably have tendinitis/ bursitis from an allopathic doctor’s point of view, but what I do with the position of my joints – taking care of relationships of joints and muscles and fascia – is what gives me the most benefit.

In the Shoulder Fix, I find the bent over arm circles to be very beneficial. And in starting the recalibration/strengthening section, I am starting with no weight/resistance, just to get used to the movements and do with correct form, and not hurt anything. Unfortunately, that has happened in the past with other exercise programs.

Unfortunately, like a lot of others, I am “too busy,” sit too much, am on the computer for eight hours a day at work…

But, in summary, when I can do the tissue work, stretches, and exercises regularly from the Shoulder Fix, I am fine!

Thanks for the program you have created!"

~Dr. Pam

Now I want to dispel some myths about your shoulder pain.


I wasted a lot of time seeing doctors and health professionals who didn't understand the root causes of shoulder pain. Once you understand some simple truths, you'll be on the road to permanent shoulder pain relief and optimal shoulder function.

MYTH #1: You need to rest more. 


This is the most commonly believed myth, and it's the one that's guaranteed to keep you in pain. 

MDs, chiropractors, acupuncturists, and physical therapists all gave me this advice. I followed this advice for years, thinking they couldn't all be wrong. 

Guess what? They were wrong. 

Rest guarantees that your shoulder muscles will atrophy. 



TRUTH: You need to move to improve  strength, function, and comfort. Rest just leads to more weakness.

MYTH #2: An X-ray or MRI will tell you what's really wrong.


When a doctor tells you that what you see in an X-ray is causing your problems, it’s natural to assume they know what they’re talking about.

But there's a big catch.

When you look into clinical studies on X-rays and MRIs for shoulder issues, you see something crazy.

Even if someone has an X-ray or MRI that shows an alleged "deformity" or "damage," they often DON'T experience symptoms or PAIN at all.

Over the years, it has become common belief that things you see in X-rays and MRIs like arthritis, rotator cuff tears, labral tears, and misshapen bones are the primary causes of shoulder pain...but a relentless stream of peer-reviewed medical research shows this just isn’t true!

The research shows that operating to fix these things is riskier and has poorer long term results than non-surgical alternatives like exercise! 


TRUTH: X-rays and MRIs are a distraction that encourage you to get surgeries that have limited evidence of effectiveness (and that's putting it nicely). 

MYTH #3: Surgery is the only sure-fire way to fix your shoulder pain.


I'm gonna let you in on a secret. Early papers published on all orthopedic surgeries always paint a rosy picture.  A few celebrities and athletes undergo new high-tech procedures, and then everyone "knows" the procedures work. 

But when the real research eventually happens and the surgeries are compared to other treatments, the results are not as great.

Just look at the history of spinal surgeries for back pain. Or knee surgeries for knee pain. 

Shoulder surgery is no different.

Studies show time and time again that surgery is an unreliable solution with big risks, and that exercise can be just as effective (if not more so!).

The research shows that operating to fix these things is riskier and has poorer long-term results than non-surgical alternatives like exercise! 


TRUTH: Shoulder surgery has downplayed risks and limited benefit.

A well-designed exercise program has much lower costs, downplayed and underresearched benefits (because nobody makes big money off you fixing yourself), and potential for nearly limitless improvement. 


CEO of, former CTO of Facebook


A friend referred me to Upright Health because my left shoulder was in a constant spasm and the fingers of my left hand were going numb. MRIs had indicated I had cervical spine pathology, and three different doctors I consulted with expected that surgery would be the only solution and there was not much else I could do.

Matt listened to the information the doctors had given me, understood my concerns, and presented me with a very different perspective from what I had already heard. What was most notable was that he had clearly already considered the other perspectives on my issues and had very well-reasoned notions about why the traditional perspectives may have arisen and how they may be misleading.

In the first session with Matt, there was an obvious improvement in my hand and neck symptoms. After a month or two I was feeling very good and no longer suffered the distraction of pain and numbness during my busy workdays.

I’ve been training with Matt since early 2016, and my neck and hand barely ever bother me anymore. This frees me to focus my mental energy on my work without worrying about whether my body is going to be the limiter in the productivity or enjoyment of any given day or week!

Matt Hsu doing pain free pushup

Why I didn't buy into the conventional approach to fixing shoulder pain. 


I was lucky I never got taken in by the promises of shoulder surgery. I was desperate for shoulder pain relief, but a few things stopped me from really pursuing shoulder surgery. 

First, the American health care system was extremely expensive at the time (and still is at the time of writing), and I didn’t have insurance that would do much to offset the considerable cost of surgery.


The second and more important issue was that I had trouble believing the surgery was going to fix me.

I knew a guy from my hockey team who had a bum shoulder. He had slammed into the boards multiple times over his career, and his shoulder was always unstable. He was told a rotator cuff repair was his best option, so he went for it.

 By the time I was thinking about surgery, he’d already undergone four revisions on that shoulder, and his shoulder still wasn't stable, secure, and healthy. He ended up struggling with chronic pain and opiate dependency. 

Another friend from high school had also had some shoulder issues. He went in for shoulder surgery. When the smoke cleared, he couldn’t externally rotate his shoulder joint. While his shoulder was more stable, he’d completely lost the ability to play sports. His surgeon basically said the stability was worth the tradeoff. 


Having seen those examples, I wasn't thrilled with the idea of surgery.

When I decided to fix my shoulder myself, I had all the same questions you probably have right now...

What if I have a rotator cuff tear or a labrum tear? 


Surgeons often make these seem like slam dunk cases that need surgery. Having seen what happened to my friends who had shoulder surgery for these issues and having read the research on shoulder surgery, I place no faith in these procedures. 

I have another friend who had surgery to "fix" his labrum tear. The shoulder didn't feel better after the surgery. About a decade later of just accepting the new slightly-crippled normal, he started training his shoulder muscles in a comprehensive way. Now he's doing cartwheels and handstands. Literally. 

How could muscles be the root cause of my shoulder pain? It hurts too much to be just muscles.


Boy, the number of times I've had this thought cross my mind... 

The human body is complex. There are feedback mechanisms working all the time, and for most of our adult lives those mechanisms can work really well. 

But they aren't fool-proof. We can teach ourselves to ignore feedback from our bodies. If we get really good at ignoring feedback, the feedback signals get LOUDER. 

As kids, we learn to sit still and ignore the desire to move and fidget, run and play, climb and jump. As adults with real jobs, we get hopped up on caffeine and sit at a screen for hours, days, and weeks at a time. 

We get really good at ignoring our NEED to use our muscles to move. 

Eventually, atrophied muscles ache. Muscles that are too weak or too inflexible hurt. Muscles that are overused hurt. Muscles that are getting squashed or pinched due to improper mechanics let you know!

And if you keep ignoring those signals, your body will get louder and louder with those reminders!  


**Note: this is another reminder that "REST" doesn't fix shoulder pain!

How can I test if I have problems with my shoulder muscles?


It's actually a lot easier than you realize. You just need to try a few shoulder movements. Literally ANYTHING. If you can't achieve full pain-free range of motion, IT'S YOUR MUSCLES. 

  • Put your arms out to the side.
  • Put your arms up in a vertical line next to your head. 
  • Do a push-up. 
  • Do a pull-up. 

If you can't do all those things pain-free, your shoulders are suboptimal.

It doesn't mean you have deformed bones or degenerating joints. 


Because here's the big fundamental idea that surgeons and doctors ignore...



There's no way to argue about this. Without muscles, your bones don't go anywhere. 

It doesn't matter what shape your bones have. It doesn't matter how old, jagged, or brittle they are. 

Bones cannot move themselves. 

So any time you have a problem with any movement...




Sure, there are ultra-rare issues like neurological disease or cancer that could mess up your movement abilities, but 99.99% of painful movement problems can be solved by training the muscles


Which is why I like to say...



Which Brings Me to Why Advice on Shoulder Pain from Health Professionals is Often So Frustrating...

I’ve helped hundreds of clients over the years who’ve been frustrated with the advice or treatments they received from various health professionals…

Physiotherapists, chiropractors, doctors, personal trainers, massage guys, acupuncturists, and other health professionals…

Who only offer a short-term sensation change instead of giving you what you need to fix the long-term problem.

Here are some of the reasons I discovered why they can’t help you…

  • Going to a random personal trainer in your local area is a risky gamble. Because if they were trained by any standard textbook approach, they'll only have half the answer...
  • And if they learned from some fitness guru's training, they'll have an answer that likely only applies to a small segment of the population...
  • MDs have close to zero musculoskeletal anatomy knowledge and will usually avoid giving much advice besides "live with it”...
    Yoga instructors are often trained to teach you postures that are almost guaranteed to create more shoulder muscle imbalances...
  • And chiros, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, and massage guys are simply pushing a revolving door strategy. They will happily continue taking your money as long as you let them...


The worst part is, most of these so-called health professionals don't actually understand how muscles work together.

Many of them have an outdated and oversimplified understanding of the muscles involved.

So you end up spending thousands of dollars, only to get some short-term pain relief, and you’ll rarely get to the root cause of the problem…

But the real reason NONE of these solutions have ever brought you a long-term fix to your shoulder pain is …




As much as these other health professionals might want to try to help you, the fact is they are biased towards their professional training.

Take a chiropractor for example…

After spending many years at chiropractic school and investing a LOT of money in their training…

It’s highly unlikely they’ll want to deeply question whether their way is in fact, the right way, or that there’s a better way…

And it’s the same for most of these other health services.

If there weren’t gaps in their approach, wouldn’t they have helped you to prevent it once and for all?

For a long time, I kept asking myself the same question…

If these health professionals are so good at what they do, and they’re the only people qualified to help me, why don’t they show me how to fix it?

It’s like they’re selling you a treasure map but they don’t realize it’s missing a few pieces…

They lure you in with the promise of gold, glory, and treasure…

But without those other pieces of the map, you’ll never get the gold...

The truth is, as much as they might want to help you, none of these experts can really show you how to solve it.

Buyer Beware! Be careful who you listen to on the internet for advice...

You’ve probably spent countless hours researching shoulder pain online looking for answers…

...or watching dozens of YouTube videos trying to find the right exercises to help fix your shoulder pain…

Yet none of those things have fixed your shoulder pain…

And here’s the thing…

A lot of the advice out there is wrong and outdated…

And most of the time it's not practical or applicable to a normal person's life.

Firstly, many of the fitness gurus don’t really understand what they’re doing. They promise magic ‘one exercise fixes’...

… or tell you the wrong information like “NEVER exercise if your shoulder hurts," which is one of the  biggest misconceptions about shoulder pain…

… or like the most famous physical therapist experts on YouTube who recommend doing silly exercises that will waste your time and often make your shoulder pain WORSE...

And it can be confusing because they give you a lack of clarity about what to do.

Which leaves you not knowing what information is good or bad…

And you can end up frozen worrying about doing something wrong and making it worse...

When I set up Upright Health, my goal was to help people help themselves.

I believe showing people how to fix it for themselves is morally the right thing to do.

I didn’t want to become another one of those health professionals or fitness gurus who make money offering people short-term pain relief.

Or selling generic exercises that only work for people who spend all day in the gym.

My dream is to always be mobile, resilient, and strong so I can do fun stuff like playing with my son, riding my bike, or catching some waves.

And I know there are thousands of other normal people out there who are just like me who share this dream.

There's no reason to keep suffering with shoulder pain when shoulder pain can be so straightforward to fix.


  • Overcoming the constant pain you’ve been living with for months or even years…

  • Eliminating the thing that is holding you back from enjoying your life and hobbies…

  • Straightening out your posture and eliminating the shoulder pain that stops you from playing the sports you love…

  • Equipping yourself with all the tools you need to fix it for yourself and prevent it ever returning...

  • Having an expert showing you step-by-step what you’re doing isn’t working and that you’re in need of proper guidance… that you can do in the comfort of your own home...

  • Not settling for short-term pain relief that only treats the symptoms...

  • Doing the job you love without fearing sitting at a desk all day and worrying about the damage your sedentary lifestyle is causing…

  • No more wasting time and money paying for bad advice from Physiotherapists,

  • Chiros, Doctors and other Health Professionals…


… So you can enjoy your hobbies and exercise without the worry or pain, poor technique or injury.

So you can live the rest of your life pain-free from shoulder pain.

So you can make positive changes to your lifestyle and not worry about falling back into bad habits.

So you can feel more confident about your body image and shape.

So you can save money by no longer visiting a physiotherapist, chiro, or massage guy who only gives you short-term pain relief.

This program is designed for action takers who are ready to fix their shoulder pain for themselves.

I’m only 23 but I’ve struggled with Thoracic Outlet syndrome for the last 4 years – constant neck, shoulder, back, elbow discomfort and tingling all the way down my arm into my hand.

I couldn’t weight lift, which I desperately wanted to do. I went to orthopedic doctors, chiropractors, sports performance specialists, and not only did nothing work, these professionals could not diagnose the issue.

Then I met with one of the top “thoracic outlet syndrome specialists” in the country and was diagnosed with TOS. After only meeting with me one time, I became a candidate for surgery, with the option of removing two muscles in my upper chest and neck, as well as one of my ribs.

I immediately went online and searched “alternative treatment for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome” and that’s where I came across Upright Health.

I found the Shoulder Fix program and immediately bought it and started that night. It was the best money I’ve ever spent.

I swear to god I felt better after the first session. The rest is history – I’m lifting again without shoulder/neck discomfort or tingling.


I was confused as to why I was not given this option when I saw the TOS specialist so I called and told them about my success without the surgery, but they didn’t want to hear it.

Maybe that has something to do with the fact that they’re making hundreds of thousands of dollars off these surgeries.

Upright Health does what the traditional medical model does not – treating the root cause of conditions with lifestyle changes.

Upright Health empowered me to heal my body by working in alignment with my natural musculoskeletal system without risky drugs or surgery – and for that, I am grateful.


kevin upright health customer



I've spent countless days and nights putting this program together so you can fix your shoulder pain YOURSELF once and for all.

Inside you’ll find all the tools you need to UNDERSTAND the problem to finally FIX the problem.

It’s going to save you time, money, and the run around from health professionals who are trying to sell you on a lifetime of sessions.

I’m a true believer in being able to fix yourself, being able to understand your own body and make sure it works well.

I also believe that the ONLY way to keep your body moving right and feeling right is for you to understand it and implement the RIGHT training techniques for your body.

So I've taken everything I've learned fixing my own shoulders and working with clients since 2007 and put it into this program.



In your first 5 weeks, you'll crack through the concrete that's made your shoulder a stiff and achy mess.


In your second 5 weeks, you'll build strength and length that'll help you keep your gains! 


In the third phase, you'll focus on building strength around the shoulders so you can do even more than you thought possible. 

At the end of the three phases, you'll be able create a maintenance routine for yourself or cycle back through to get more strength and flexibility gains! 


Over 50 Videos to Help You Overcome Shoulder Pain

Straightforward instructional videos plus simple follow-along workouts will have your shoulders feeling better than ever.

And special modules for FROZEN SHOULDER and THORACIC OUTLET will help you get results with the most frustrating shoulder problems. 

Easy Phone Access and Printable PDF Workbook

With the Kajabi app, you'll have easy access to the entire course on your phone wherever you are. 

You'll also have a simple printable PDF for easy reference so you can plan out the days and weeks ahead. 

Progressive Levels to Help You Safely Fix Your Shoulder

The program starts off at a foundational level that suits most modern day desk jockeys. 

It then safely progresses you to more difficult exercises so you'll minimize the risk of injury and maximize your chances of fixing your shoulder pain. 

You Get All the Powerful Elements You Need. a simple, straightforward system to solve your shoulder pain. 


You get it all an an affordable price. 

Instead of paying me $4000 over the course of a few months for coaching sessions, you get my expertise in your home, on your phone or computer, for a tiny fraction of the cost. 


I want to help you beat your shoulder pain.

...So you can get back to enjoying your life with your family and friends.



The Shoulder Fix Is Perfect  for You If You Are:

  • Someone who likes to understand the problem so you can fix it yourself
  • Willing to take the action necessary, by following these simple and easy-to-follow instructions to get your life back and get rid of your shoulder pain forever
  • Fed up wasting money on physiotherapists, or visiting chiropractors who can’t help you, or watching endless YouTube videos with mixed, unproven, outdated advice
  • Looking for a one-stop solution where you have everything you need to fix your shoulder pain
  • Motivated to put an end to shoulder pain once and for all


  • Free from the shoulder pain that stops you from enjoying your daily life
  • Feeling happy and able to enjoy your hobbies or spending time with friends and family without constant pain and discomfort
  • Filled with pride, energy, and enthusiasm for life again seeing your improved posture and stronger shoulders in the mirror
  • Utilizing the most effective exercises as part of your daily routine to prevent reoccurrence
  • No longer paying for short term pain relief from expensive visits to the physical therapist, chiropractor, or massage guy





Since 2011, over 30,000 people have put their trust in me and my programs...


And with over half a million followers on YouTube...

And the huge amount of satisfied customers…

The results speak for themselves…

But when you purchase the Shoulder Fix program today…

guarantee badge

You’ll also automatically be covered by our

60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee

This is how it works...

Simply click on the link below. Then, once you receive your instant confirmation email…

Go ahead and sign in to the member’s area, and start taking action today to fix your shoulder.

I’m positive that once you do this…

You’ll feel and SEE the difference that the Shoulder Fix program is making…

And you’re going to become a loyal fan of the Shoulder Fix program too.


But if I’m wrong for any reason…

And you’re not completely happy with your experience using the Shoulder Fix program…

Just email my customer service team at any point over the next two months…

And we’ll immediately refund your payment, with no questions asked.

Which means right now...

When you click on the link below…

You’ve got a full 60 days to see, feel, and experience the Shoulder Fix program first-hand…

Before you ultimately decide if it’s right for you.

And while most doctors and health professionals won’t offer you a guarantee on their services...

Your experience with the Shoulder Fix program does…

So go ahead and click the link below…

Then place your order with zero risks…

Because you’ve got that full 60 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee behind you. 

The choice is yours.

Of course, you can ignore everything you've read just now...


But I do have to ask you something…

If you’ve been struggling with shoulder pain for years or even decades…

If you’ve tried every doctor, physiotherapists, acupuncturist, or every free video tutorial on the internet…

And yet your body STILL isn’t where you want it to be…

Then what’s going to change if you don’t take action today?

And if you’re struggling to answer that question…

Then it’s a pretty clear sign that you’re better off making the second choice…

Which is to click the link below…

And try it 100% Risk-Free for the next 60 days.

Ultimately, the decision is yours…

But I trust you’ll make the right choice. 

And I can’t wait to hear about the difference the Shoulder Fix program has made in your life.

- Matt