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Train your body in a smart, safe, and balanced way 
from the comfort and safety of your home.


Train your whole body with a coherent approach.

There are millions of websites spreading "fitness" information online.  You might recognize them as saying things like, "just do this one exercise and your hips will forever be happy!" "Just do this one exercise and your shoulders and posture will be fixed forever!" 


Those magic exercises do work - sometimes. But maybe not for you. Or maybe the exercises are just not right for anyone! 


You can search the entire internet for "hip exercises," "hip mobility," and "hip strengthening" and come up with hundreds of thousands of videos and blog posts. You'll find plenty of our videos and posts!


We help people filter out the noise and find what works.

You can search the entire internet for "shoulder exercises," "shoulder mobility," or "shoulder strengthening" and find millions of videos and posts. (You'll see plenty of ours and they should be helpful!). 


The problem is often distilling this knowledge down to a practical level.  Even if you digest all the information, you don't know what pieces actually apply to YOU. And as soon as that sense of being overwhelmed hits, the likelihood that you'll follow through falls through the floor. 


So you spin your wheels. And your hips, shoulders, and spine still don't feel good. 


We've heard this story a lot, and we wanted to find a simple and easy way to help more people all around the world just like you.

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Answers and advice for specific movements

Ask questions during the live stream, or email questions in and have them answered in class.

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Professionally Designed Programs Every Month

Each month will have a new focus and plan laid out clearly for you. Every class is an opportunity to learn and master the exercises. 

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Convenient Video Archive for Your Busy Lives

Programs and Classes from previous months are available so you can
re-watch your favorite sessions whenever you want!


We're here to help you train at home

Start now with no strings attached and a satisfaction guarantee!

(And if you don't like it, you cancel at any time with a few mouse clicks)

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Within the first 4 classes I learned more about proper functional body movement than in all of the yoga, crossfit, etc. classes I had taken.

I just wanted to send a note thanking you guys for this course. I struggled with daily hip pain for the past 4 years. I am a wildlife habitat biologist and spend a lot of time in the field and in my personal life am also very active and do a lot of outdoor activities. I kept doing them anyways, but it hurt to hike.... which is essential for my job and many of my hobbies like hunting. 

After navigating the medical system and spending a lot of time and money, I was told I had FAI and my options were to continue doing what I was doing (yoga, massage, chiro) or surgery. My chiropractor discouraged me from surgery because she said it wasn't very successful. Also it didn't make sense to me that I had lived life for a long time with the same bones but previously had no pain. I did more yoga, but my husband told me he thought it made things worse. Yoga teaches you that negative emotions are stored in your hips - the cure - more hip openers. 


I then started having knee issues and I kept pulling my groin. 

One day my son said "mom, I can't tell if you're angry or not". It broke my heart. I wasn't angry, I was hurting. I didn't want my husband to touch me sometimes because it put resistance on my body which pinched my hips...

Along came UprightLive and I signed up immediately.


Within the first 4 classes I learned more about proper functional body movement than in all of the yoga, crossfit, etc. classes I had taken. I started having whole days where I didn't have pain. I felt engaged in the classes and really interested. Again, I always felt immediate relief after doing the exercises. I began to understand how I could incorporate the lessons I've learned into my yoga practice so that I could still practice yoga. 

I just went on a mama - baby yoga retreat...I was gone for almost 2 weeks with my 2 children without my husband. I ran with my older son, packed my baby and luggage around, walked countless steps in airports, swam in the ocean, and did a week of yoga.... with no pain. 

While I know that it is the resources that you all provided that made this possible, the most empowering thing of all is that every time I walk and feel how functional and strong my hips, core, and pelvis are, I think - I fixed myself. That's truly a gift. And life without pain has truly increased my capacity as a human being in so many ways…

I wanted to be able to run again without pain. I chased after my older son the other day with no pain. It was absolutely glorious and that boy was purely gleaming. 

~ Willow
Upright LIVE Student


Real Classes With Real Coaching

We know not everyone can fly to see us. We know not everyone has the time or money to work with us in person. And we still want you to have the chance to get great coaching. We want your hips, spine, and shoulders to move right and feel right!

We've created Upright LIVE for motivated, dedicated people to join us for REAL LIVE, ONE-HOUR classes every week.

One class every week that builds your body instead of breaking it down!



The secret to getting results with your body whether you're in pain or not.

Here's the thing. We teach workshops on Healthy Hips. We work with clients daily with hip pain. Our entire coaching team has a deep understanding of hip issues.

We also teach classes on posture and have seen literally thousands of people with postural issues affecting their upper and lower bodies.

We've also had personal experience with our own bad shoulders giving out on us.

Trevor's even had a shoulder surgery to "fix" things - but it never helped.

Suffice it to say that we've seen successes. And we've seen failures.

And we know whose bodies improve and whose don't.


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The ones who improve are the ones who put in the work over and over again.

When they hit roadblocks, they find a way around.

When they get frustrated, they focus on their successes.

When an exercise isn't working for them, they find out why.

When they feel unmotivated, they make themselves accountable. They start a program. They find a professional. They get a coach. They do something that looks like it will put them on the right path.



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Who fails to make progress with their bodies?

The people who are stuck in a pattern of fear and avoidance.

If an exercise hurts, they allow themselves to think it's because they're deformed. Or have a disease. Or are too old. 

If they feel sore after working new muscles, they get worried and decide to rest for three weeks.

Doctors and physical therapists have told them they are permanently and irrevocably damaged - and they believe it.

So when these small hurdles arise (and they always do), they swallow a poisonous belief like one of these...

"I'm too old."

"I lost the genetic lottery." 

"I'm deformed." 

"I've got bad bones."

Surrender is the next logical step.

The predictable result is getting weaker and weaker and weaker....


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Progress with your body is about consistently applying
the RIGHT kind of effort.

UprightLIVE coaching lays the foundation for success with your hips, legs, shoulders, and spine.

It's strength, mobility, and balance for your entire body!

⭐ I've noticed that my hip stability has greatly increased now after UprightLIVE!

Susan was one of our first UprightLIVE students, and the results she's been getting will bring tears to your eyes.


⭐ This month's programme has got me to where I can get my knees to the floor and FEEL THE STRETCH without any pinching :D

I'm a yogi so I was used to doing butterfly with my knees on the floor and even folding forwards and putting my chin on the floor! But when the FAI symptoms started up about 2 years ago I suddenly couldn't even stretch in that position because of hip pinching. 

It had been getting better from doing the Upright Live classes. I don't even care about getting my knees down, I just love that feeling of being able to stretch the muscles without my hip joints feeling like they're falling to pieces.

~ Natalie F.
Upright LIVE Student



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⭐ The mechanics of my movements are much different as I'm noticing when I walk, bend over, etc.

I'm late 30's and when I was around 10 years old I had surgery on my right hip for "Slipped capital femoral epiphysis". A steel pin was drilled into it and removed 14 months later. I continued to have problems and on subsequent checkups x-rays showed some irregularities on the ball of the hip joint and the doctor told me the pin may have caused the bone to form improperly. They would need it replaced around the time when I turned 30 or when I couldn't walk anymore! Was advised not take any labor intensive jobs as premature arthritis was likely. 

Luckily I never returned to the doctors, I struggled with my hip but kept trying different things. Yoga helped a lot and I thought it was my answer but my hip still continued to bother me some. Self massage tools helped too but still something was missing.

I've been a member of UprightLIVE for about 6 months and been a little bit slack on doing my exercises the past 2 months but am nevertheless noticing some great results.

Thanks to Matt & Trevor for the methods you have come up with and share....lots of hope I will recover to 100% pain free body in the foreseeable future when much of my life growing up was fear and pain.

~ Matt M.
UprightLIVE student

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Common Questions about 


⌛ How much time do I need to do this?

Most of us spend the majority of our day not moving our hips at all and letting our upper bodies atrophy into a hunchback. We are fighting an uphill battle when it comes to shoulder, posture, and hip health. To have healthy  posture, happy hips, and functioning shoulders, we believe you need a minimum dose of movement.

But what's the minimum? 

Our basic guideline for clients is to do two hard workouts a week, and a small amount of work every day.

The UprightLIVE format gives you what you need to get to do your two weekly workouts. 

You get one hour of healthy, constructive work for your whole body, improving strength and mobility from our live streamed class.

Then you do homework for the week in between classes.  



📚 What kind of homework will I be doing?

The kind that gets you results. :-)

From every class, we want you to follow along with the clear and simple program, complete with clickable links to exercise videos, that will be sent to you prior to the first class of each month .


As you work on your upper and lower body, you'll see the connections we always talk about. You'll see how the shoulders affect your spine and vice versa. You'll see how the pelvis affects the spine - and thus affects the shoulders. You'll start to see how intertwined it all is...

If your hips are bothering you, and you want them to feel better, you need to put in time and effort - for your whole body. If your shoulders are bothering you, you'll need to put in time and effort - for your whole body.

There are no shortcuts.


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📝 What will we learn in class?

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Every month there will be an emphasis on learning a new specific movement pattern as well as:

  • Structured programming fit for all levels. Constructed to unlock the potential of your body
  • Classes are designed to promote strength, flexibility, and coordination in all planes of motion.
  • Learn how to apply various modalities (i.e. contract/relax stretching, corrective exercise, loaded stretching, etc.), as well as when and why to use them. 
  • Learn how to become autonomous in guiding your own programming, regarding exercise selection, exercise order, intensity, and volume.

Through our experience, from working with thousands of individuals, we have recognized the most common deficiencies and compensations.

From recognizing these weaknesses we have streamlined the process in which we feel we can improve these areas for our clients.

We will also ensure to work each muscle group every month ensuring a balanced body. We do this so you can improve your overall quality of movement and life.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Training at home doesn't mean you're alone


As an UprightLIVE subscriber, you'll have access to the exclusive LIVE Tribe online community! You can post questions, ask people to check your form, get inspiration and help inspire others!

Community helps keep you engaged, motivated, and moving toward your goals! 

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⭐ Since I started with this program, just 2 or 3 days into it, I have seen drastic improvements in my pain levels.

I used to struggle with right buttock pain when turning in bed, doing bridges, while doing Pilates and groin discomfort for 2 years.

No more fear of that sharp pain when turning in bed or groin discomfort. The internal rotation stretch and split squats helped a lot, like significant difference. Thanks a ton!

But I think I need to thank myself more than anyone to have taken this step and started this program!!🤣

~ Reshma R
Upright LIVE Student



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⭐ I joined because of a probable torn left hip labrum, and I had declined the MRI. With COVID-19 I couldn't get PT

The list of monthly workouts always sounded too easy to me. When I started in late March, I thought I could zip right through them and then move on to something else. Today I just did June's long workout for the first time and it took me 90 minutes. I found myself replaying the Turkish Getup and the Plank options multiple times, and taking notes! Crazy. As usual, I was dripping in sweat. When I started in March I was sure this would never get my heart rate up. And today I threw in some Copenhagens at the end because I have never had AD/AB strength and now it is palpable. My thighs are stronger and smaller.

I tried PT exercises on my own at home and that lasted 2 days, boring. I had pain for two months prior to joining, and every time I rested and restarted exercise on my own, with/without the gym, the pain came back. I rested again before I started UprightLIVE. But this time with exercise the pain didn't come back. I just realized as I'm writing this that it hasn't recurred for the last two weeks!

If anybody is new, I would tell you it takes a while to start to feel the flow. I had no desire to add on exercises in late March when I started. I was probably doubting they would work because I wasn't lifting in a gym, right? I've totally converted. Didn't Joseph Pilates invent Pilates because he was in solitary confinement? We are learning we may choose gyms, but we don't need them.

Thank you guys, so much. You made the Quarantine & my life so much better!

~ Ashira J.
Upright LIVE



Nothing in life is a perfect fit for everyone. We get that. 

And we don't want you to feel like you wasted money if you try this program and it's not a good fit for you.

Try UprightLIVE for 14 days. If it isn't a good fit for you, email us using the contact form on our site. We'll give you a full refund.


UprightLIVE is now closed. 

But you can start helping your body with our free program. 



And remember:  Pain Sucks. Life Shouldn't.