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Tools you can use to stay comfortable when working at the computer.


This is my current go-to recommendation for a split keyboard for most people. It has a conventional layout (so you don't need to relearn how to type), nice typing feel, and backlighting which helps in the evening. The customizable macro keys on the left side make repetitive tasks easier by removing the need to twist your fingers and wrist to hit combo commands in MacOS (e.g. copy and paste, screenshot, etc.). It is also programmable for Windows users. Full breakdown in this video.

Why a split keyboard? đŸŽ„ Watch this video.


This company offers a range of active-sitting stools that look and feel professional. These are a nice-looking upgrade if you aren’t into the bouncing yoga ball look in your office. 

đŸŽ„ Ariel 1.0 Review

đŸŽ„ Ariel 2.0 Review




One of the most common questions on my YouTube channel is "what shoes are you wearing?" Here are minimalist shoe brands I actually wear (or someone in my family does). 

If you want the absolute thinnest shoe sole in a modern, sleek style, check out VIVOBAREFOOT. They have athletic, casual, and more formal styles for men and women - all with extremely thin soles. The flexibility at the big toe on some models is not as good as I'd like to be.

Check out VIVOBAREFOOT here.

I really love the ​Z-trek and Genesis sandals. My friend Mitch likes the DayLite Hikers. 

The shoes are mostly an athletic/workout/runner style.

Check them out here.


Outdoorsy style with a slightly thicker, more forgiving and flexible sole. The wide toe box is great and the sole is well-suited for walking on harder surfaces (like concrete) for long periods.  

I order the Patrol Winter Boots a size down from my normal size shoe size, and that seems to work for me. They keep my feet warm and dry.

đŸŽ„Watch my review on the winter boots here.

They also have great-looking sneakers, and they seem to fit true to size for me. But for reasons I cannot pinpoint, the soles don't feel good under my feet (and it's not a problem of thickness or insoles). My wife doesn't experience any discomfort with them, but my feet complain pretty quickly in the sneakers. 

đŸŽ„Watch my full review here. 


Made in America with a very Pacific Northwest style and SUPER comfortable wide toe boxes. Choose sole thicknesses to suit your needs. They also have some decent women's casual styles and comfy kids leather moccasins! 

Barefoot style shoes for kids that are affordable and easy to put on and take off!

My son LOVES these shoes. For style, function, and affordability, these are tops for kids' barefoot style shoes.

Check them out here.

Men's dress shoes with zero drop? Want minimalist mens dress shoes that actually look like dress shoes? They were impossible to find until Carets.

When I have to wear dress shoes, I wear Carets. 

Get your minimalist formal shoes!


blue cushion for the knee

Balance pads

Suggested as padding for your knees while stretching

small elastic training bands

Mini Bands

For glute and lateral hip training

long elastic training bands

 Resistance bands

For hip and shoulder training

Cushion / Exercise Mat for training on the floor

Exercise Mat

For stretching / exercising

Stretch Out Strap to help gain flexibility

Stretching Strap

Great stretching strap

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Yoga Strap

Cheaper alternative for stretching

purple yoga blocks help stabilize during flexibility exercises

Yoga Blocks

Helps with easing into challenging positions

TRX Go Suspension Trainer for bodyweight exercises

Suspension Trainer

For pulling/rowing exercises and door friendly

yellow handled gymnastics rings

Gymnastics Rings

For pulling/rowing exercises as well as chin-ups

pull-up bar that can go in a doorway at home

Doorway Pull-up Bar

Inexpensive pull up bar option

blue ankle weights help train the glutes, hamstrings, and quads

Ankle Weights

Cushion that fits around a barbell for heavy hip extension training

Squat Sponge

For barbell glute bridges and hip thrusts

Powerblock Adjustable Dumbbells

Powerblock adjustable dumbbells

Up to 50 lbs.

adjustable dumbbells by ProForm

ProForm Adjustable Dumbbells

adjustable training steps for leg and hip training

Adjustable Aerobic Steps with Risers

light weight black plyometric box for jumping and other training

3 in 1 Soft Foam
Plyometric Box

tibia training tool - the tib bar solo

Tib Bar (Solo)

Train your shin muscles for knee and ankle health


curved home self-massage stick

Body back buddy

3 sizes of foam rollers for self-masage

Foam rollers

lax ball for pinpoint self-massage

Lacrosse Ball

specialized small massage tool

Jack Knobber


Better for your mental health than your smartphone, and they help you understand the world with more breadth and detail. Borrow them from the library or buy them using these affiliate links.

Move Your DNA

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Atomic Habits

Surgery: the Ultimate Placebo

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Crooked: Outwitting the Back Pain Industry 

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Deep Work

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Digital Minimalism


Flow: the psychology of optimal experience

The Story of the Human Body

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