We'll help you train the smart way.

We help people build strength, mobility, and independence gradually and safely. 


Update: July 6, 2020, we are continuing to evaluate the restarting of in-person sessions. Due to the close proximity required during sessions and the length of time, this is a decision we are taking seriously.

If you are strongly motivated to get moving soon, we encourage you to check out our online training options including Skype sessions, live streamed classes, and online mobility coaching.

Personal Training
That's Smart, Safe, and Effective

Upright Health's unique approach to training helps you get stronger safely.

We know how frustrating it is to try to solve your body's problems because we've been there.

That's why we coach differently. We work to systematically identify and address your individual needs. We select corrective exercises that help you engage the right muscles at the right time.

And then we help you build strength and coordination so that you can move with confidence.


Our Movement Coaching Addresses Limitations, Pain, And Weakness With Three Key Tactics

Tissue Work

Strategically applied massage techniques help your muscles relax and function better.


Restoring flexibility helps prepare your body for better performance.



Waking up dormant muscles and strengthening them in balance with other muscles makes you more resilient.

What to Expect From Our Movement Coaches

We won't give you the same old routines that you've gotten a hundred times. You won't be told that "it's just your core," that "you're just getting old," or that "you have a joint disease."

We help you solve YOUR movement problems.

Sessions are a team effort to help you establish the strength and coordination to move in ways that are more efficient and healthy.

If you're a local or skype client, sessions generally start at once or twice per week. If you're a Parachute Programmer, you'll have a much more intensive schedule.

At each session, your workouts and home exercise assignments will be adjusted to help you understand and get around movement roadblocks.

What to expect from consistent training

  • Ability to lift heavy objects without fear
  • Better posture
  • Fewer aches and pains
  • More confidence in your daily life
  • Better balance
  • Waking up less "creaky"
  • Increased strength
  • Smoother, easier movement in daily life
  • Increased energy levels
  • Ability ​​​​​to sit, stand and take the stairs with ease
  • More flexibility and agility

If you aren't near us, we can still help.

Skype sessions, online mobility training sessions via WhatsApp, and a four-day in-person intensive program make it possible for us to help you even if you don't live nearby. 

Skype sessions

If you're dedicated to the process and willing to put in the work, we'll help you move forward with regular sessions to help you dive into the nitty gritty of your body.

Clients are expected to commit to a minimum of six sessions ($875 US).

Online Mobility Coaching

For the stiff trainee who is driven to get more flexible and mobile. You receive a thorough assessment and a customized five week program PLUS access to a coach via WhatsApp for questions and feedback on your form and suggestions for progress. 

UprightLIVE Classes 

Join us for a weekly live streamed class with Q&A with Upright Health lead trainer Trevor Hash.

Every month has a rotating strength and mobility focus to keep your body adapting to new challenges. Get stronger, gain flexibility, and improve your mobility for all the passions in your life.

AND get access to the exclusive UprightLIVE community! 


You can still get expertise and results even if you can't see us in person.

Skype Sessions

$140 - $250


Free online orientation required.

Program of 6 sessions = $875

Program of 12 sessions = $1680

Demonstrates full commitment to your own long-term progress.

Make lasting changes at a gradual, safe pace.

Sessions help you stay on track, accountable, and moving toward your goals.

Generally works best to start once a week and then adjust to once every two to four weeks once momentum is established. 


UprightLIVE Weekly Livestreamed Classes



Smart strength and mobility training you can do in the comfort of your own home

Detailed home program with a new focus every month to progressively build your body

Tutorial videos with every new monthly program so you can do every exercise right

Weekly live streamed classes with live chat to guide you through your workouts and build your understanding 

Q+A at the end of each class and via email for questions that come up as you train

Archived classes so you can repeat your favorites


Online Mobility Coaching



Free application required. 

Accountability and Coaching via WhatsApp

For the motivated student ready to put in time and effort at home

NOT for people struggling with severe pain (above a level 4) on a daily basis

Assessments and form checks all via fast and easy videos on WhatsApp 

Weekly mental check-ins with your coach to keep you making progress


Parachute Program

(San Francisco Location only)

Flying in from out of town? We offer an intensive eight hour coaching program so you can make the most of your time here.

6 total hours in the studio and two follow up sessions via Skype give you a solid foundation to start your journey.


Frequently Asked Questions

Generally no. We aren't doctors or physical therapists. We don't approach challenges the way medical professionals do. We think this is a huge advantage, but it also means medical insurance doesn't cover our services. 

No. Single sessions do not give you or your coach enough time to make progress. A single session sets unrealistic expectations and creates an environment that is not conducive to open communication and collaboration.

No, it isn't. There is nothing that can fully replace the speed and efficiency of in-person interaction. 

That said, online coaching can still be very effective if you're committed to following through on your workouts at home. 

The real comparison to make is between NO training, INCOMPETENT training or ONLINE training.

And in that comparison, ONLINE training wins hands-down.

We have two locations in the United States. 

We are in Silicon Valley in Redwood City, CA and on the east coast in Tenafly, NJ.

Want to train with us on Skype or in-person?

Our free orientation course shows you our approach and philosophy - and what your role and expectations should be.
This is required of ALL new clients.

At the end of the course, you'll get access to our scheduling system and rate information.

Due to coronavirus no in-person sessions are currently available.


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