You Can Heal Your Hips Without Surgery.


This simple, straightforward program will help you reprogram your muscles and brain so you can fix your hips at home. 


Rebuild your hips with the most comprehensive and adaptable online hip training program available. 


If you've been told you have FAI or hip impingement, you're in the right place. 


I'm going to 

  • share vital information that will help you prevent more hip pain...
  • ¬†show you research that most doctors and surgeons haven't bothered to read...
  • And explain precisely how you can fix your hip pain yourself without needing drugs, injections, or invasive surgeries.¬†

Who am I? 


I'm Matt Hsu, and I started helping people with chronic pain in 2007. I've been making videos about hip pain on YouTube since 2013. I've become a non-medical crusader in the fight against hip pain.


I'm not a doctor and have never wanted to be. 


I've never cared about perceived authority and letters behind people's names (for reasons that will become clear). I only care about results.

My journey started in my twenties. Debilitating hip, knee, shoulder, and wrist pain were making my life miserable.

Doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists were of no use. Their "best" advice was to stop doing all physical activities and wait until I was in so much pain I needed surgery.

I didn't like that answer. I knew in my bones that this perspective was wrong. So I set out to fix my own body.

I got back to an active life. I restored my body to the point where I could play hike, run, play hockey, go mountain biking, learn how to surf, dabble in capoeira, dance, and rough house with my son.


And I believe you can rebuild your own body too. 


For those who care, I am a Corrective Exercise Specialist (NASM) and Orthopedic Exercise Specialist (ACE). 

I've helped thousands of people fix their hip pain with my free YouTube videos and home DIY programs like this one. 

In 2015 I co-created the FAI Fix, which was the first online self-help program for hip impingement program in the world.

Now, I'm happy to present a new, revised, and comprehensive program to help you heal your hip pain.


Matt Hsu

I've been helping people since 2007...


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Strengthen Your Mind Before You Strengthen Your Hips. 


Surgeons, hospitals, and medical websites perpetuate unscientific myths about hip impingement that make you feel so hopeless and desperate that surgery seems like the only possible answer to your hip pain. 


You should know that scientific research demonstrates clearly: 

  1. Cam and pincer "deformities" are normal anatomical variations and have no relationship to the development of hip pain and arthritis.
  2. Hip labral tears are a frequent finding in people with no hip problems. They have not been shown to cause or be related to hip pain or other problems.
  3. All diagnostic tests for FAI are worse than useless and virtually guarantee you'll be told you need surgery. 
  4. Satisfaction rates for hip surgery for FAI are terrible, and surgery is about as effective as a poorly designed physical therapy protocol. 


I don't expect you to take any of that on faith. So read on for more details and (reputable citations). 

Surgery for FAI fails to deliver. 

Though surgeons and medical websites often claim 80-90% success rates for FAI, the science says otherwise. 

One early study pegged the disappointment rate at 56%. 

A 2021 paper showed less than half of patients were satisfied with the results of their hip surgeries for hip impingement. 

Randomized controlled trials show surgery has little to no benefit over poorly constructed physical therapy protocols. 

For example, this study showed that surgery was no better than a (poorly-designed) physical therapy program. 

But that's not the worst of it. 


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Hip surgery can make your hip cartilage worse.  

Surgeons claim that hip surgery will "protect" your hip. But in a recent study designed to "prove" that surgery is better than physical therapy, they discovered something shocking. 

The study showed 1/3 patients who had hip surgery showed signs of worsening hip cartilage after the surgery. 

For the patients who didn't get surgery? 0% had signs of worsening hip cartilage.  In other words, getting hip surgery led to WORSE outcomes for your hip cartilage. 

Do a deep dive on hip surgery for FAI here.

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Poorly designed physical therapy protocols aren't helpful.

Surgeons and therapists tell patients no improvement is possible without surgery. They then implement physical therapy programs that are guaranteed to fail and frustrate the patient - thus "proving" that surgery is the only answer. 

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FAI Diagnosis. Hip Labral Tear. Hip Cracking and Popping.

Doctors told him his only hope was surgery.  Then he tried Healthy Hips. 


"I decided to get the Healthy Hips program, and it just changed my life when I started it. It was crazy how healthy my hips felt after about two months."

Why are results for surgery for FAI so unreliable?


To understand this, we need to take a deeper look at the theory of hip impingement, hip labral tears, hip arthritis, and hip pain...

FAI hip bone shapes don't lead to arthritis and pain.

You get an X-ray and/or MRI. You have cam, pincer, or mixed impingement. 
Though many physicians and medical websites tell you these bone shapes cause hip labral tears, arthritis, and hip pain, this isn't backed up by science.
Multiple studies have shown no connection between the bone shapes, hip pain, movement problems or the eventual development of hip arthritis.
Multiple studies have observed that hip impingement bone shapes like cam, pincer, and mixed are highly prevalent in the asymptomatic population. This one, this one, and this one are great examples.  

And, no, it doesn't matter how old you are. 

One FAI study¬†followed patients for 18 years and saw no relationship between hip impingement bone shapes and hip pain. In their words:¬†‚ÄúWe conclude that a substantial proportion of hips with femoroacetabular impingement may not develop osteoarthritis in the long-term.¬†Accordingly, in the absence of symptoms, prophylactic surgical treatment is not warranted.‚Ä̬†
Another large hip pain study looked at senior age athletes with hip impingement bone shapes as well as dysplasia and found no correlation between the FAI bone shapes, dysplasic hips, and the development of hip pain. 
They found a stunning 83 percent of the athletes had signs of FAI in their x-rays but:¬†‚ÄúRadiographic findings consistent with FAI in these senior athletes were common and were not associated with the presence of [osteoarthritis].‚ÄĚ
In other words, having the alleged bad bone shapes doesn’t lead to hip problems even in old age.
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But what about labral tears and hip pain?  

Does having a labral tear mean you need surgery to fix your hip pain? Let's look at the connection between hip labrum tears, FAI, and hip pain. 

Hip labral tears don't cause pain either...

Multiple studies show that hip labral tears do not have any correlation to hip pain or movement problems.
And surgeries to "fix" labral tears deliver poor results. 
Did you know that the early method of "fixing" labral tears created more problems for patients down the line?  Should we be surprised that drilling holes in your labrum and in your pelvis to "fix" a torn labrum can lead to MORE problems? 
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Surgery to fix labral tears is not better than physical therapy. 

Some surgeons argue that surgery is better than physical therapy. 
They point to highly biased studies created by orthopedic surgeons.
In these studies, the physical therapy intervention is designed to fail. They use terrible exercises and rely on pain killers for temporary relief.
In addition, the physical therapists are instructed to "teach" patients that the only thing that can fix hip pain is surgery. It's no wonder that surgery turns out "better" when the whole deck is stacked against exercise. 
Check out how they contort the science in this video. 
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What about all the tests for hip impingement?


From movement tests to injections, hip surgeons often claim these tests help determine whether surgery will help your hip pain.  

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Hip impingement tests are designed to push hip surgery. 


"Special tests" that doctors use to diagnose hip impingement and labral tears have no evidence to back them up. Multiple studies show that the tests have no predictive or diagnostic value. 

Because of their high false positive rate, you can guarantee an FAI diagnosis by doing a few of tests together. 

The biggest 2020 review of evidence says: “Due to the low specificity of clinical tests, we would not recommend their use to confirm the diagnosis of FAI syndrome … there is too high uncertainty due to low-quality evidence and high risk of bias."

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Surgeons claim that the results of anesthetic hip injections predict if a surgery will help you. If a hip injection reduces your pain, hip surgery is supposed to help.

A 2014 study showed this is not true. 

Do a deep dive on hip impingement tests here.

So let's review everything we know...


The FAI bone shapes aren't related to hip pain or the future development of hip pain. They are common in people without any problems at every stage of life. 


Hip labral tears aren't related to hip pain or the development of hip pain. They are common in people without any problems at every stage of life. 


Hip impingement tests have no science to back them up and show no correlation to anything. 


It should be no surprise that surgery to "fix" FAI fails more than half the time. 

So why does surgery for FAI fail to deliver reliable hip pain relief? 


Because it ignores the most fundamental and basic issue. It ignores the organs responsible for movement of the skeleton. 


It ignores...




I am a practicing physical therapist, and I was diagnosed with FAI in my left hip in 2013. My MRI arthrogram showed a small posterior labral tear, but no arthritis. Two orthopedists told me that I should have surgery because I have retroverted hips with deep sockets and my acetabulum should be shaved down.

This made no sense to me whatsoever because my right hip is shaped the exact same way and I have no pain at all on the right!

Since I have not seen good outcomes with this surgery, I have opted to avoid it. I discovered Matt’s videos on YouTube and I was relieved to finally find a voice of reason amidst the hip arthroscopy craze.

I followed his recommendations and changed up my exercises and within just one week, I felt less pain than I have felt in two years!

I am running better and sleeping better and on a path to better living thanks to Matt.

You have more power and control than you think. And I want you to see it for yourself.  


I've created a program with simple, practical workouts that improve your flexibility and strength in ways no conventional physical therapy protocol does.

You'll save time, money, and the disappointment of cookie-cutter physical therapy approaches designed by hip surgeons. 

You'll have the best possible chance of avoiding hip surgeries that over-promise and under-deliver. 

And you'll do it at no financial risk.

Healthy Hips is an evolutionary step forward from the already powerful FAI Fix program. 


"My FAI experience began with lower back pain and weakness, and I was treated for that for six weeks with physical therapy...

That work was invaluable, because I HAD lost a great deal of core strength and stability along the way. After repeated setbacks, my therapist said this was likely rather a hip issue, and I had an X-ray followed by MRI arthrogram that revealed cam impingement and labral tear. I read those results before the follow-up with my surgeon and started researching.

I came across The FAI Fix and assumed it was a scam, looking forward to my next appointment with my surgeon.

At that appointment, he briefly discussed the controversy of surgery for FAI, and suggested that it be considered a last resort.

He wrote ‚ÄúThe FAI Fix‚ÄĚ on a piece of paper and handed it to me, saying it was a great source of information and would be worth a try. He pointed out that though there is a registration fee, the amount was pretty reasonable if the program could make a difference. What an understatement!

Over the past five months, the invoice totals from my physical therapy visits have been shocking. While there is some value in that process, it’s neither as empowering nor as effective as the The FAI Fix has been in just eight weeks.

This program was truly overwhelming in the beginning as I saw how many exercises there are, how time-intensive the work would be, and that I would have to rely on self-evaluation.

Those ‚Äúchallenges‚ÄĚ have turned out to be the true blessings of this experience because sticking with it has been a lesson in patience and in what our bodies are capable of if we pay attention and learn what they need.

I’ve been so fortunate to meet a surgeon who supports and even promotes this approach and continues to meet with me WITHOUT scheduling surgery, and am grateful to your team for providing the tools I need.

While I’m still far from where I want to be physically, I now have very little daily pain and much less fear because I have an understanding of how my hip works, why I feel what I do with certain activities, and where to find guidance on what to do next as I continue to progress."

Richard, Chiropractor

I want to sincerely thank you for putting your FAI Fix program together as it has improved the quality of my life drastically. I hope my story inspires other people with hip pain to order your program and get started on the road to a better life...

As I began your program I immediately realized I had spent my money wisely. Although this work was not always comfortable, I began to have results from DAY 1. Soon after my first session I had a sensation in and around my right hip that I can only describe as ‚ÄúEXHILARATING‚ÄĚ. It felt as though my hip was getting fresh oxygenated blood and/or nerve energy to it for the first time in a very long time. It really felt great!! I also had a sense of HOPE that I didn‚Äôt have previously.

I know that may sound funny, but I was becoming more and more discouraged because it seemed as though my right hip was literally interfering with my lifestyle...After a round of golf it would be extra sore for several days, squatting down to pick up something on the floor was challenging, and the list goes on...

Anyways, I hope my story inspires others to seriously consider your program as it is inherently simple yet incredibly powerful. Thanks for putting this program together. I truly appreciate it!

What's in the Healthy Hips Program? 

It's more than just a random collection of exercises. It's more than the cookie cutter handout that your physical gave you. It's much, much more. 

I've been helping people since 2007, and I've realized that there are two major kinds of people when it comes to online programs.

One group wants to customize everything themselves.

One group wants to just hit the PLAY button and GO.

So I've made this a TWO TRACK program. 


You Get the Power of TWO PROGRAMS in One


I've included a simple QUICK START track as well as a CUSTOM track to help you make progress from day one to day 483.  


The Simplified Track 

Get a detailed monthly schedule with 6 Follow-Along Workouts and 3 Follow-Along Stretch Sessions. Practical time investments and minimal equipment required to get massive results for your hips! 

This is the perfect start for anyone just starting their journey out of hip pain. 


The Custom Track

I give you 8 functional tests to help you uncover your weak points...

PLUS...61 workout videos with detailed instructions AND a simple but comprehensive schedule to unlock your hips logically and safely. 

In addition, you get follow along workouts to take you from beginner through advanced hip exercises. 


You get instant access to this powerful double program immediately after purchase! 

You get unparalleled practicality, instruction, and customization. 

  • Quick Start Follow Along program that gets your hips moving and improving from the first week
  • Detailed videos that deepen your understanding of anatomy and movement of the hip so you can keep your hips feeling free for life
  • Schedules and programs designed for YOU - Specific plans for stiff sedentary people, flexible people, and highly active athletes¬†
  • Advanced Custom Programming with functional tests and recommendations designed for your specific challenges
  • Straightforward, practical scheduling for people with real lives and jobs

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed 


An online program is the best way for me to help as many people in the world as possible in a cost-effective way.

Even though I put a lot of effort into making this as powerful and helpful as I can, it is impossible to make an online program that will be a perfect fit for every single person's learning style and current health status. 

So when you start the Healthy Hips Program to fix your hips, you're automatically covered by the 60-day money-back guarantee. 

If you’re not completely happy with your experience using the Healthy Hips program…

Just contact the customer service team for a full and prompt refund (you can do this easily when you're logged into the course). 

If my program doesn't feel like a good fit, I DON'T want your money!

I want you to use your money to go find the individualized help you need.

Rebuild Your Hips at Home

Get on the road to happier, healthier hips. 

  • Start at¬†home at your own pace
  • Save hundreds to thousands of dollars on appointments that lead to nothing but frustration
  • No gimmicky, proprietary, or expensive equipment
  • Detailed videos and a straightforward plan
  • Instant access after purchase



Your program has helped me so much. I believe the vast majority of FAI patients should probably be doing your program instead of the doctor-prescribed treatments for FAI syndrome.

This experience has blown my mind, because I grew up believing I should always trust my doctor. Perhaps financial incentives are to blame for why so many orthopedic doctors prescribe surgery for so many patients who simply need to work on their soft tissues in order to heal.

Frequently Asked Questions About Healthy Hips for Hip Impingement


Thanks SO much! The Healthy Hips program is helping tremendously, even after just one week.

Four months ago I could barely walk - started with nagging lower back pain, then intense knee pain, then pain from my hip to my knees to my ankle. Then intense pain in my groin when squatting, bending over or going to sit down. I was in tears and screaming in pain every day. Felt like I was walking on a broken leg.

I made appointments with knee specialists, spine specialists and hip specialists in Durango, CO - but ended up cancelling all of the appointments due to snow storms.

Glad I didn't waste time with those appointments. I can't believe the progress I've made in just one week!

I wish I would have found your site 4 months ago - I could have been able to ski this winter instead of limping around the house. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


The Only Thing You Have to Lose Is Your Hip Pain. 


One-time cost with no recurring subscription fees. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. 

This program is not intended to treat, diagnose, or manage any medical conditions and no material in the program should be interpreted as medical advice or consultation. This program is not a substitute for individual medical attention for medical diseases.