How to roll over in bed during pregnancy

You're pregnant. Your belly is bigger than you ever imagined, and your abdominals no longer work. At all. They're too stretched out.

It turns so bad to roll over in bed...

Is it even possible to roll over in bed without using your abs? Yes, yes it is!

How to roll over in bed during pregnancy

Let's cut straight to the chase. The video below shows you clear instructions on how to roll over in bed in your third trimester.

Got it? Good!

Problems rolling over in bed like this?

Note that if you're doing this in a small bed, you may need to the movement.

If you find that you don't have enough room in your bed to roll as shown in the video here's the trick. Push your foot harder into the bed to lift your butt/hips off the bed, and shift your hips away from the direction you're rolling.


You're facing right. You extend the left leg and turn face up. Now push the right foot into the bed and move your butt to the right. This puts you closer to where you started, giving you more space for the rest of the roll. Then continue with the roll.

Why I made this video on rolling over in bed while pregnant

Obviously not for self-preservation. I don't have the necessary hardware to get pregnant.

But my wife and I recently had our first child. We took prenatal classes and read books. We tried to prepare mentally for all the challenges of pregnancy. 

There was definitely discomfort throughout the pregnancy. But once my wife got deep into the third trimester, she told me (with tired eyes) that she was unable to roll over in bed.

At Upright Health, we train people with all kinds of physical limitations. And we help our clients figure out how work out, work through, or work around those limitations.

This client, my wife, was a pretty high priority, so I got down on the floor to figure things out right away.

Once we determined that this worked, I decided to share it pregnant women everywhere.

Through the course of the pregnancy and childbirth, it's been shock after shock. I can't believe the lack of advice that's available for musculoskeletal/movement issues for pregnant women. And I don't like it when people have to grope for answers in the dark - especially if I have an answer!

I hope that this video helps a few new mothers navigate the journey with less pain and discomfort.

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