3 Warnings for the Asian Squat


Some doctors and physical therapists say you should never do the Asian squat if you feel pain. In this video, you'll learn how to prevent injuries from doing the Asian squat and how to improve your deep squat safely.


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Rhomboids - Are Yours Dead and Damaged?


If your rhomboids feel numb or dead, don't waste your time with a shoulder exercise like the Prone Y or Prone W. You want to focus on exercises that more directly targeted at the rhomboids that don't allow for compensation.



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Strength Exercises to Fix Twisted Pelvis


If you have pelvic rotation, you need to do stretches and strength exercises to fix it. In this video, you'll learn strength exercises to help you fix your pelvic rotation. If you do this workout regularly, you'll be able to correct your twisted pelvis.


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Stronger Knees from Walking?


Is walking good for you? Is walking good for your knees? Can you build stronger knees walking? In this video we talk about walking and whether it's actually good for you, how it's good for you, and whether or not you can build strength from walking. If you have knee pain, you'll also learn a walking technique that will make your knees stronger so you can walk more comfortable.



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How I Killed My Low Back (And Fixed It)


I gave myself massive back pain by going surfing for several hours in one day. Once I figured out which muscles caused my back pain, I was able to use lat stretches to relieve my back pain and get back to traveling!


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The Best Workout to Do When Traveling!


This is a quick workout you can do at home or at a park. You'll use bodyweight exercises and a suspension trainer to build strength, balance, and coordination. You'll strengthen your chest, strengthen your legs, strengthen your shoulders, and strengthen your back with this simple workout.


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Leg Strengthening and IT Band Stretch for Long Drives


Leg strengthening that requires no equipment. IT band stretching that you can do anywhere. In this video, you'll learn how to strengthen your legs and stretch stiff IT band muscles while you're on long drives. Check out these simple, easy, and effective leg exercises and IT band stretches!


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Fix Groin Pain and Back Pain While Driving


If you get groin and back pain while driving, this workout will help you stretch out the right muscles. By stretching your QL and other abdominal muscles, you'll relieve back pain. By stretching your inner thighs, you'll relieve groin pain. These exercises for long drives will keep you pain free while you drive!


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Fix for Hip Pain While Driving? (Hip Flexors and Hamstrings)


If you get sore while driving, this video will help you. You'll learn how to stretch and strengthen your hip flexors and strengthen your sleepy hamstrings. These exercises for driving will help you stay comfortable and strong for the long haul.


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Do These Stiff Hip Stretches (So You Can Touch Your Toes)


If you are too stiff and tight to touch your toes, this stretching video will help you get more flexible. You'll do some simple static stretches to loosen your tight hamstrings so you can fold forward (hip flexion) and reach your toes!


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