Backpack Hurts Your Shoulders? Do This.


Shoulder pain from wearing a backpack is a common issue. In this video you'll learn exercises to fix shoulder pain while wearing a backpack and what kind of backpack to get that will relieve shoulder tension from your backpack.



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How to Improve Balance - Seniors and Beginners


This video will help you improve your balance. You'll strengthen hip muscles and strengthen leg muscles that help you get better balance. Seniors who want to improve their balance will find these balance exercises helpful. And anyone of any age can improve balance using these exercises as well.


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Leg Strengthening Workout for Beginners and Seniors

If you want stronger legs, sitting in a chair won't do it. This lower body workout will build leg strength so you can stand, squat, and climb easier. Make sure you do this lower body workout carefully, paying attention to the sensations of your body. If you want to improve leg strength, do this workout 2x/week and keep aiming to make the leg exercise a little harder each week!


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How to Stop Grinding Teeth?


If you want to stop grinding teeth at night, or you have misaligned jaws, or you have uneven jaw muscles, or you just want to stop clenching your jaw so tight, this video will help. You'll learn how to strengthen your jaw muscles to reduce teeth clenching and restore muscle balance to your jaw. People with TMJ (temporomandibular joint) issues can improve their jaw control with these anti-TMJ exercises.


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Hip Impingement: Knee Pain in Split Squat


This video answers a question from an FAI Fix user. You'll learn how to modify the split squat to avoid knee pain and how to progress things in your hip impingement fix journey. Knee pain is just one potential roadblock to getting your life back and fixing FAI for good.


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Why You Shouldn't Exercise


Three good reasons not to exercise: 1) You don't like the feeling of effort or discomfort in the short term. 2) You don't like to look dumb. 3) You want to exercise physical decline for a longer and/or more intense portion of your life.


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How To Get Down to the Floor Safely (GET STRONGER)


Learn how to get down to the floor safely. You'll see multiple ways to get down on the ground as well as exercises to get stronger so you get down to the floor effortlessly. Watch the whole video so you can get on the floor easily over time!


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Leg Strengthening Exercises for Hiking and Stairs

Build leg strength so you can hike and climb stairs with ease. These four lower body exercises will strengthen your knees, hips, and legs. You'll improve hip mobility and flexibility. You'll also strengthen your calves and prepare your body for the rigors of hiking and climbing stairs.


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Improve Forward Fold (Activate This Hidden Muscle!)

Stretching your hamstrings for the forward fold doesn't always work. Sometimes you have to activate your inner thigh muscles to improve your forward fold flexibility. If you've struggled to touch your toes for years, this simple touch touch strategy may unlock your hip mobility so you can touch the floor!


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Why Your Knees Hurt As You Get Older

Learn how to relieve knee pain as you get older. Knee pain from old age isn't from overuse. It's from UNDERuse. In this video you'll learn simple exercises for knee pain that will help you relieve knee pain and strengthen your knees safely and gradually.


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