Old Guy Fixes Knee Pain and Starts Running Again


Doctors will often tell you that knee pain is inevitable as you age. They’ll tell you that there’s nothing you can do to relieve knee pain besides rest and wait until your knees hurt so much that you need a knee replacement. These stories will give you hope for your knee pain.


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How She's Fixing Thoracic Outlet Syndrome


One woman's email about how she's fixing the numbness and tingling in her hands, wrists, and forearms. Despite a number of other health problems, she's fixing her own thoracic outlet syndrome symptoms without surgery.


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Improve Your Squat (Simple Hack)


Want to build your glutes with your squat? Have trouble feeling your glutes while doing the squat? If you're wondering how to use your glutes more in the squat, this little trick will be a big help. This simple change will boost your butt muscles while doing the squat.


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FeelGrounds Sneakers Review: The Ultimate Barefoot Shoe Comparison


Barefoot Sneaker SHOEDOWN…We look at the FeelGrounds Knit, Snap, and Courtside and compare them to SoftStar Dash Runamoc, Vivobarefoot Primus Lite and Primus Knit, and Xero Dillon shoes. No holds barred review of barefoot style sneakers!


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Strengthen Butt and Balance with a Band


In this video, I'll show you how to strengthen your butt and improve your balance using a resistance band. These balance exercises are perfect for those with weak butt muscles and are a great addition to any workout routine. Strengthen and tone your glutes while also improving your balance and stability!


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How to Stretch Hip Flexors Without Hurting Your Back


Learn how to stretch your hip flexors without causing back pain. These hip flexor stretches will help you relieve tension and discomfort in your hips without risking injury to your back. Great for athletes, desk workers, and anyone looking to improve their flexibility and range of motion. Watch now for easy 4 tips to make hip flexor stretching a lot more effective (and safe).


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Why Pull Ups Don't Make You Stronger (for Monkey Bars)


Are pull-ups not helping you conquer the monkey bars? In this video, we'll explain why and give you alternative exercises to build shoulder strength for those tricky monkey bars!

If you're struggling to improve your performance on the monkey bars, it may be due to weak shoulders. We'll break down why pull-ups alone aren't enough and provide exercises specifically designed to target shoulder strength. With these tips, you'll be swinging across the monkey bars with ease in no time!


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Super Simple 6-Minute Balance Workout


In just 6 minutes, you can improve your balance with this effective balance workout! Strengthen your core and stability to get better balance than ever before. Perfect for all levels, this workout is a must-try for anyone looking to improve their balance.


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Stronger Fingers for Better Monkey Business (and Stronger Shoulders)


Are weak fingers holding you back from becoming a monkey bar master? Fear not! I've got you covered. Join me in this video as I reveal the secrets to strengthening your fingers and achieving those epic monkey bar skills. Get ready to level up your shoulder game too with one arm progressions for the monkey bars.

Learn how to strengthen your fingers so you can do the monkey bars. Being able to do the monkey bars will help you relieve shoulder pain and feel confident in your shoulder strength on a daily basis.


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Hip Pain Basic Workout - Lower Body Strengthening for Beginners


This is a follow along workout for people suffering with hip pain. This is the short version of the hip and leg strengthening workout.

Get rid of hip pain and feel normal again with this beginner-level strengthening workout. Whether you have hip impingement, arthritis, or a labral tear, this reactivation workout will help you rebuild normal function. Say goodbye to hip pain and hello to a pain-free life. Don't forget to subscribe and drop a comment about your experience!


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