2 Powerful Exercises to Fix Rounded Shoulder Posture (NO EQUIPMENT)

So you've heard that sitting too much is bad for your health, but what can you do if you spend your days in front of a computer? Just accept rounded shoulders are your new reality? These two simple exercises can help you fix your posture. Both of these exercises will fix rounded shoulders and strengthen your back muscles. You'll also stretch and strengthen your hamstrings. The end result of doing these exercises is good posture!


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Workout for Hip Pain Lying On Side (15 min. FOLLOW ALONG)


If you get hip pain at night lying on your side, this workout will help you. You'll strengthen your hip muscles to fix hip pain lying on your side, and you'll finally be able to get a good night's rest. Make sure to do this workout at least two days a week consistently for at least two months! As your hips get stronger, you'll experience less hip pain side sleeping!


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How to Get Up Off the Floor with NO Hands (like a boss)


This video will help you get up off the floor with no hands. You'll learn exercises to get up from the floor with ease. You'll learn strategies for standing from the floor that you can use even if you have weak legs right now. As you strengthen your legs, you'll be able to stand up from a chair or from the floor with ease!



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Minimalist Boots Review: Softstar Switchback vs. Lems Boulder Boot (waterproof)


Minimalist boots are hard to find and can be expensive. In this video, you'll learn the pros and cons of barefoot boots from Softstar and Lems. You'll learn which barefoot boots have the best mobility and flexibility, and you'll learn which zero drop boots will keep your feet dry and cozy!


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Anterior Pelvic Tilt: 2 Common Symptoms: 1 POWERFUL exercise


Anterior pelvic tilt is a forward tilt of the pelvis that you'll see in a lot of people, especially if they are sitting all day. It usually causes lower back pain and makes it more difficult to exercise effectively. In this video, I'll show you how to identify anterior pelvic tilt, two common symptoms of it, and one powerful exercise that can help fix it. You'll fix shoulder problems and back problems associated with anterior pelvic tilt by doing this APT exercise. You'll reduce lumbar lordosis and improve your shoulder mobility.





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Workout for the Office (3 MINUTES no equipment)


This super fast 3 minute no equipment workout for the office will improve your posture. It's a perfect short workout for the workday so you can do exercise at the office. If you have weak legs or weak shoulders, you'll build a basic level strength with these office exercises that will loosen tight hip flexors and fix your rounded shoulders.


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Shoulder pain from push-ups - 3 exercises to fix it


In this video, Matt explains the causes of shoulder pain from push-ups and presents exercises to fix that shoulder pain.


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Why am I always in pain? Unlocking the causes of chronic pain


Learn how to overcome chronic back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, and knee pain. In this video, you'll learn the mental perspective that will help you fix joint pain for the long term. If you have chronic pain, you'll learn what causes chronic pain and how to fix it.


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Why sudden sharp pain in hip comes and goes


Sudden sharp pain in your hip can be scary and frustrating. Doctors will throw hip pain causes like "bursitis" and "arthritis" at you. But to fix your hip pain without surgery, you need to Always Think Muscles and learn exercises to fix hip pain. If you do the right exercises for your hip carefully and gradually progress them, you'll get stronger and relieve hip pain safely.


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How to Fix Hip Pain from Yoga (FOR GOOD)


Hip pain from yoga is unfortunately common. By changing the way you do yoga poses and yoga stretching, you can improve your hip strength and relieve hip pain. The key to fixing yoga hip pain is to learn how to contract muscles and build strength in your hip muscles. Relaxing your hip muscles constantly as is common in yoga will only lead to more hip pain and more hip problems.


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