Time for a Cane or Walking Stick?


If you are thinking of using a walking stick or cane, it's important to remember not to rely on it TOO much. If you rely on your walker or cane, you will end up learning a muscle firing pattern that favors your obliques and shoulder muscles rather than your hip and leg muscles. This new firing pattern will make you RELY on your assistive device. If you want to maintain your mobility, use the cane, walker, or walking stick only as much as you REALLY need to AND make sure you focus on strengthening your legs and hips so you can maintain your physical independence.


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Tight Hamstrings - Why Static Stretching Doesn't Work (and What Does)


Learn how to fix tight hamstrings and why common static stretching techniques don't work. Discover a few hacks to improve your hamstring flexibility and strength.


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You'll Fail This Fitness Challenge (And It Might Kill You)


In this video you'll learn how to escape from your car. You'll learn beginner bodyweight exercises that will help you develop the strength and flexibility you need to get out of a car that's flooding with water. These beginner exercises will help you save your own life so you don't die in your car in heavy rains.


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Hip Labral Tear Over 40: Is Hip Surgery Better Than Physical Therapy?


Does physical therapy work to fix hip labral tears? How effective is surgery for hip labral tears? This hip labrum tear research study claims that arthroscopic surgery is more effective for hip labrum tears than physical therapy, but the study is plagued with problems. It had a very high crossover rate, a terrible physical therapy protocol for hip pain, and massive problems with bias in how the study was constructed. Even so, the study still showed that surgery for hip labrum tears is largely ineffective.


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How to Poop Better and Faster

In this video you'll learn four key tips that will improve your bowel movements. If you have watery poo, have trouble pooing (constipation), or you feel like it takes forever for you to poo, this video will help. If you want to make sure you don't hurt your body with long poos, this video will also help you maintain strength in your hips and abs!


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How to Fix Pain (Like a Killer Whale)

Matt discusses Katy Bowman's Move Your DNA, flaccid fin syndrome, and the realities of modern life working at a computer all day.


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The Worst Exercises for Hip Impingement? Why Personalized Hip Therapy Doesn't Work

This is a deep dive into the Personalized Hip Therapy protocol which was used in the UK's FASHION Trial for Hip Impingement. This physical therapy protocol was designed by an orthopedic surgeon and several physical therapists to be used in randomized controlled trials to compare physical therapy with hip surgery. Because the PHT protocol has poor exercise selection, bad advice about pain killers, and a focus on the cam and pincer bone shapes, it fails to provide any real benefit for patients. As a result, the nonsurgical FAI treatment failed to do better than hip surgery (even though hip surgery did poorly too).


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5 Exercises to Fix Shoulder Impingement


In this video, I'll talk about why RIIPS (Rest, Ice, Injections, Pills, and Surgery) are not your only options to relieve shoulder pain or to fix your shoulder impingement. Follow along with me as I walk you through 5 great exercises to help your shoulders feel good in the long run. This video will show you how to stretch a sneaky hidden muscle, the subscapularis. This can improve your shoulder mobility and relieve shoulder pain like magic.


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Hip Impingement Surgery vs Physical Therapy - 2018 UK NHS Study


Doctors claim that surgery for hip impingement is more effective than nonsurgical alternatives for FAI. This groundbreaking 2018 study claims that surgery for FAI is better than physical therapy. But when you examine the study carefully, you discover that hip impingement physical therapy and surgery were both ineffective. The real problem is that the FAI physical therapy protocol was designed to be ineffective for many reasons.


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Beginner Shoulder Pain Workout

This beginner shoulder workout will help you relieve shoulder pain and improve your shoulder mobility. Simple shoulder stretches and strength exercises will establish a better foundation for shoulder health.


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