Good Posture: How Functional Training Can Help You Stand Taller

Pain relief, confidence, and better athletic performance can all come from correcting bad posture. Learn how to hold your body more efficiently with functional training.

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What Are the Mental and Emotional Effects of Bad Posture?

Some of the clearest effects of poor posture are related to mental health. For many...

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RIIPS: Why Rest, Ice, Injections, Pills, and Surgery Shouldn’t be Your Only Options

When you’re facing chronic pain and joint discomfort, don't get caught in the trap of looking for a quick fix. Functional training, which focuses on solutions for pain through muscle and movement pattern development, is a better long-term solution. 

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What are RIIPs?

When you’re dealing with chronic pain from muscle or joint imbalance and dysfunction, it’s easy to think your only options are...

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So You Think You Need to See a Chiropractor? Think Functional Training First


Some chiropractic adjustments can ease pain in the short-term. But for long-term relief of chronic pain, without becoming dependent on expensive treatments, focus on addressing muscle imbalance and dysfunction.


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a line drawing of a spine on a clipboard

More matters than just your spine. Photo by Joyce McCown on Unsplash

Maybe you've been seeing a chiropractor for the last few years to help treat chronic pain. Or maybe you just started up with one and he or she is telling you that you need to get adjusted once or...

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ATM Theory: Your Joint Pain May Actually be Muscle Pain


ATM = Always Think Muscles. When you’re trying to get to the root of your joint pain, don’t forget to assess muscle function around the joint. Chances are, this is where your challenge lies, and that functional training can help you overcome it. 


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Here’s a controversial statement: joint pain is really...

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New technology for true health...


When a new technology arrives, we are focused on the problems it solves. The inventors and marketers see the benefits of their new product, but they aren't yet aware of the downsides.
We adopt these new technologies. We focus on the problems that the technology solves, and are blind for long periods to the downsides.
Sometimes we never become aware of the downsides.
Sometimes we become aware of the downsides only after it's too late to go back to the "old way."
And often, we completely forget what the "old way" was. What it felt like.
I look at the technologies that now allow you to track the length and quality of your sleep, your blood oxygen levels, your pulse, your...
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