Surgery to Cure Back, Hip, or Shoulder Pain? 2 Things to Cut Before Your Body

A lot of times people with back, shoulder, or hip pain are thinking about what they need to cut. Medical articles written by or inspired by surgeons promote the idea that surgery is the best answer to all kinds of chronic pain conditions.

So people are led to believe they need a surgeon to cut some bone, some ligament, some tendon, some muscle...

This comes from the medical/orthopedic model of chronic pain: if something hurts, it's because something is malformed or permanently damaged.

But this orthopedic model ignores the regenerative capacities of the body AND ignores an even bigger issue.

Scientific research consistently shows that "damaged" or "deformed" structures that allegedly cause pain are - wait for it - NOT...

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Don't get trapped in an A hole

You’ve been spinning your wheels in chronic pain. Maybe you’ve got shoulder pain. Back pain. Hip pain. Knee pain. Whatever it is, you’ve been in pain for a while.

You keep thinking “I’VE GOT TO GET OUT OF PAIN.”

Every day, you’re obsessing about the pain you’re in and how to get away from it.

You’re in a hole. You’re in a hole of AVOIDANCE. An Avoidance Hole. Or an A Hole for short.

Nobody wants to be stuck in an A hole. It’s miserable. It smells bad. And it’s totally unproductive.

All your obsessing about avoiding pain doesn’t solve anything. You rest more. You use pain patches. You use pain pills. You avoid things you used to love. 

And still your body...

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How do you relax tight muscles? What to do when you’re stuck and stiff.

 We’ve all been there. Your muscles feel tight and locked up, perhaps after a hard workout or a stressful week at work. You’ve had massages, done your stretching routine from top to bottom, but after a short period of relief, it comes back again. 

The common treatment for tight muscles consists of massage, stretching, rest, or ice/heat. Those approaches, however, don’t always work. So what do you do when muscle tightness keeps coming back?


How to fix tight muscles: Overview

This video is an overview of muscles tightness. I encourage you to watch the video AND read this blog post for a deeper understanding of fixing tight muscles.


Why do muscles feel tight?

“Tightness” itself can...

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How to roll over in bed during pregnancy

You're pregnant. Your belly is bigger than you ever imagined, and your abdominals no longer work. At all. They're too stretched out.

It turns so bad to roll over in bed...

Is it even possible to roll over in bed without using your abs? Yes, yes it is!

How to roll over in bed during pregnancy

Let's cut straight to the chase. The video below shows you clear instructions on how to roll over in bed in your third trimester.

Got it? Good!

Problems rolling over in bed like this?

Note that if you're doing this in a small bed, you may need to the movement.

If you find that you don't have enough room in your bed to roll as shown in the video here's the trick. Push your foot harder into the bed to lift your butt/hips off the bed, and shift your...

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