Fixing FAI and Hip Arthritis Without Surgery - Peter Interview

This is a one hour interview with someone who has FAI and hip arthritis. He is in his mid 50s and has improved his hips and reduced pain over the course of 5 or 6 years with GREAT results.

Peter Interview Short Version (12 minutes)


Peter Interview Full Interview (57 minutes)

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How do you fix muscle imbalances and dysfunction?

Estimated Read Time: 26 minutes, 38 seconds
Word Count: 5328 

This article covers the nuts and bolts strategies to fix muscle dysfunction and muscle imbalances.

We will cover specific sensations that arise when fixing dysfunctional muscles and what to do about them. The strategies in this article are based on observations and experiments over thousands of client sessions at Upright Health. 

There are no placebo-controlled clinical trials to point to, and there probably won't ever be any that are useful. Your body is a complex nonlinear system that requires observation and calibration on an individual basis. This article will give you understanding and tools to explore your own body's...

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How to Fix Hunchback Posture - Prevent The Hunchback

Estimated Read Time: 33 seconds
Word Count: 110 

What causes hunchback and how to fix hunchback posture? In this video we're going to talk about how to prevent hunchback posture. If you've been worried about your hunchback posture because you're having trouble breathing or your neck is looking really funky then you're going to want to watch this video because we're going to talk about how you can prevent hunchback posture with some simple practical steps. Watch the video till the end to learn my favorite technique for making sure I don't end up with a hunchback even if I'm working at the computer all day.

Discover The Amazing New Approach to Fixing Hunchback Posture Fast: Hunchback Fix:

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How to Fix Bad Posture: The Hunchback Fix

Estimated Read Time: 32 seconds
Word Count: 108 

Bad posture can result in short term aches and pains, it can also cause long-term health issues. In this video, we're going to talk about how to fix bad posture "Hunchback Edition". We're going to look at what causes bad posture in general and I'm going to show you one example of an exercise that'll help you improve your hunchback posture. By the end of the video, you're going to know how to think about bad posture and how to choose good posture exercises to help yourself. Correcting bad posture takes patience and commitment.

Discover The Only Way to Fix Your Hunchback Posture For Good: Hunchback Fix:


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Your Joint Pain May Actually be Muscle Pain

Estimated Read Time: 21 minutes, 34 seconds
Word Count: 4316 

When you’re trying to get to the root of your joint pain, don’t forget to assess muscle function around the joint. Chances are, this is where your challenge lies, and that functional training can help you overcome it.


Table of Contents


Here’s a...

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Fixing Chronic Pain Flare-Ups when fixing dysfunctional muscles

Estimated Read Time: 27 minutes, 55 seconds
Word Count: 5586 

For people with chronic pain, it's important to identify muscle dysfunction and imbalances. Fixing dysfunctional muscles and muscle imbalances can be an arduous process. It's a process that requires you to identify weaknesses and dysfunction and then do the right movements to build strength at every length. (You can learn how to identify muscle dysfunctions here and how to fix muscle imbalances here).

Whether you’re going through the process alone or with the help of a coach or therapist, one thing is almost guaranteed: you’re going to have moments of pain. You’ll have pain flare-ups.

You may have trouble...

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Should your knees go over your toes in the squat?

Estimated Read Time: 2 minutes, 13 seconds
Word Count: 446 


Squats. Split squats.

If you've ever taken a group fitness class, you've done them. If you've ever had a trainer, you've done them. If you've had a forward-thinking chiropractor or massage therapist, you've done them.

You've also heard the admonition: DON'T LET YOUR KNEES GO PAST YOUR TOES.

It's usually delivered with a serious warning. "It's dangerous," they say.

"If you let your knees go too far forward, it's bad for your knees."

"Your knees aren't designed for that kind of motion."

"I don't want you to hurt your knees."

"Your knees may explode."

Scary stuff.


Nothing about these warnings is nefarious. There's no deceit intended.

But there's a...

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New technology for true health...

Estimated Read Time: 2 minutes, 18 seconds
Word Count: 461 

When a new technology arrives, we are focused on the problems it solves. The inventors and marketers see the benefits of their new product, but they aren't yet aware of the downsides.
We adopt these new technologies. We focus on the problems that the technology solves, and are blind for long periods to the downsides.
Sometimes we never become aware of the downsides.
Sometimes we become aware of the downsides only after it's too late to go back to the "old way."
And often, we completely forget what the "old way" was. What it felt like.
I look at the technologies that now allow you to track the length...
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