How to Relieve Hip Pain While Sleeping

I used to have horrendous hip pain at night. Any time I rolled on to my side, I would get a gnawing, aching sensation in my hips.

I didn't want to take pain pills or muscle relaxants. Doctors were of no help. Chiropractors just wanted to pop my spine, and that never helped my hips feel better.  Acupuncturists wanted to stick needles in me. Massage therapists kept trying to push harder to make the hip pain go away. But nothing really helped.

...Until I realized that nobody was helping me strengthen my hips.

If you're frustrated with constant hip pain when sleeping at night, I have two videos that'll help you. These are the exact exercises I found helpful for me, and I hope they're helpful for you.

So if your hips hurt at night,...

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Good Posture: How Functional Training Can Help You Stand Taller

Pain relief, confidence, and better athletic performance can all come from correcting bad posture. Learn how to hold your body more efficiently with functional training.

Table of Contents


What Are the Mental and Emotional Effects of Bad Posture?

Some of the clearest effects of poor posture are related to mental health. For many...

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Fixing FAI and Hip Arthritis Without Surgery - Peter Interview

This is a one hour interview with someone who has FAI and hip arthritis. He is in his mid 50s and has improved his hips and reduced pain over the course of 5 or 6 years with GREAT results.

Peter Interview Short Version (12 minutes)


Peter Interview Full Interview (57 minutes)

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ATM Theory: Your Joint Pain May Actually be Muscle Pain


ATM = Always Think Muscles. When you’re trying to get to the root of your joint pain, don’t forget to assess muscle function around the joint. Chances are, this is where your challenge lies, and that functional training can help you overcome it. 


Table of Contents


Here’s a controversial statement: joint pain is really...

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Should your knees go over your toes in the squat?


Squats. Split squats.

If you've ever taken a group fitness class, you've done them. If you've ever had a trainer, you've done them. If you've had a forward-thinking chiropractor or massage therapist, you've done them.

You've also heard the admonition: DON'T LET YOUR KNEES GO PAST YOUR TOES.

It's usually delivered with a serious warning. "It's dangerous," they say.

"If you let your knees go too far forward, it's bad for your knees."

"Your knees aren't designed for that kind of motion."

"I don't want you to hurt your knees."

"Your knees may explode."

Scary stuff.


Nothing about these warnings is nefarious. There's no deceit intended.

But there's a lot of half-truth and mythology baked into these warnings.

Heck, even I...

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Modern causes of anterior pelvic tilt


Anterior tilt of the pelvis is when you're spilling your guts out and jamming your spine into extension all day.

It contributes to back, hip, knee, and leg pain.


So I made a video about it. In this video, I explain the common causes of anterior pelvic tilt in modern life, and I also demonstrate a simple drill to improve your pelvis control

Check out the full video below or watch it on YouTube.



button for anterior pelvic tilt tips


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PRP injection or PAO for hip dysplasia: Erica's story


"I spent my Thanksgiving break in bed crying and researching surgery options..."

I want to share an important story with you today. Here's the background.

I've been coaching a young woman named Erica online for the last couple of months.

She has hip dysplasia. Doctors often claim that hip dysplasia is a guaranteed path to hip pain and arthritis. The only solution for hip pain from dysplasia, they say, is drastic surgery.

The other week, Erica was over-the-moon excited about what she'd accomplished in such a short period of time - especially because of what her well-renowned expert hip surgeon in Los Angeles told her.

Let's set the stage.

I am 30 years old and for my entire adult life I have been physically active...

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Injuries, surgeries, and hip pain recovery: life after the NFL


Today we are looking at the story of BK – his life during and after the NFL, and how hip pain drastically affected his quality of life.

As personal trainers who specialize in working with people with hip pain, back pain, and shoulder pain, we get clients from all walks of life.

A lot of times we work with desk jockeys – the ubiquitous tech workers of Silicon Valley.

Sometimes we work with pro and former pro athletes. The athletes with pro experience are quite interesting because they give us an inside perspective on the inner workings of the big leagues.

Oftentimes, the average Joe believes that NFL athletes are getting the best care money can buy. Team doctors give the NFL players the best pain killers and surgeries...

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