This FALSE Belief Will Wreck Your Body (and Your Life)


In this video, you'll learn how to be successful with your body, with your finances, and with your life. To get better at anything, you have to learn to identify distractions and establish strategies that help you move towards your long-term goals.

False narratives and false beliefs can and will undermine your attempts to be successful at anything. This is one of the biggest fallacies when it comes to your body.

The Assessment Short Sighted (A.S.S.) FALLACY: "Because it feels good now, it's good for me in the long-run."

To strengthen your hips, shoulders, knees, or back, you need to learn how to assess your body correctly. You need to learn how to prioritize stretching and strength exercises over and above all other distractions....

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Avoid Shoulder Surgery for $100 (True Story)


If typing hurts your shoulder, this video will help you understand why you get shoulder pain AND how you can fix your shoulder pain from typing. You'll learn why a $100 solution might be 100% worth your time, and you'll also learn what you can do FOR FREE to fix your shoulder pain while typing.

Because so many of us are typing at computers all day, it's important to make small fixes that yield big results. Typing at a normal keyboard can make your shoulders hurt because it forces muscles of the anterior shorten and freeze your shoulders into a hunched position.

The fix to that shoulder pain is to UNFREEZE the shoulder position by getting a split keyboard and doing exercises to improve your shoulder flexibility, positioning, and...

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What Happens When You Drive a Stick Shift Sports Car (+G35 "Review")


Matt reviews the 2005 Infinit G35 in the style of Doug Demuro while explaining the pros and cons of driving a sports car. He explains why low, sporty cars are bad for your body and how you can maintain good physical health while still having fun in a sporty car.

If you get hip pain in your car or back pain while driving, this video will show you exercises that will help you. You need to restore muscle balance and symmetry with stretches and strength exercises. If you drive stick shift, your body will be very asymmetrical, and doing stretching and exercises asymmetrically will help even you out so you can prevent hip and back pain.


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How to Survive a Long Flight (Hip Pain and Leg Pain)


If you get hip pain or back pain on a plane, this video will help you. You'll learn airplane exercises you can do while sitting. You'll learn airplane stretches you can do while standing. And you'll learn how to strengthen your legs on an airplane so you can fix your hip and leg pain on long flights.


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Hip Internal Rotation (Strength Exercise)


Many people neglect the muscles that help you internally rotate the hip. Internal rotation stretches alone often aren't enough to improve hip internal rotation. By adding hip strengthening exercises, you can improve your hip internal rotation.


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Stop Being Ignorant to This Basic Truth


Don't be blind to this simple truth about your body. If you remain clouded with ignorance, you'll be hurting, frustrated, and helpless. Once you understand this key idea, you'll be able to help relieve yourself of back pain, hip pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain.

Remember: ignorance is NOT bliss. To free yourself of chronic pain, you must free yourself of the ignorance that society and experts want to foist on you.


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Bizarre Fix for Plantar Fasciitis (Relieve Your Foot Pain!)


In this video we discuss simple stretches to fix foot pain. You'll learn two stretches that fixed my plantar fasciitis foot pain, and one strengthening exercise that will help you relieve and prevent foot pain in the future. These stretches and exercises don't require you to stretch your calves and ankle muscles. These foot pain stretches don't even target your feet, even though the results will help your feet!

I used to get intense heel pain in the morning every time I got out bed. Walking down the street hurt my feet. When I discovered these hip stretches and exercises fixed my foot pain, I couldn't believe it.


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Hip Pain? Try This Groin Stretch


Got hip pain? Tight inner thigh muscles? Feel tension and stiffness in your groin? Try this inner thigh stretch to loosen your groin muscles. You'll loosen up tight inner thighs and improve your hip mobility. This hip stretch will relieve groin pain and loosen tight hip muscles. Hello, hip mobility!


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Your Pain Is All In Your Head (?)


Physician John Sarno wrote a book called "Healing Back Pain" that introduced the idea of tension myositis. Does this theory of chronic pain make sense? What about when doctors tell you that your pain is all in your head? Do you need to heal your emotions before you can heal your back pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, etc.?


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Strength to Fix Your Wrist Pain (from Using Phone)


These wrist exercises will help you get stronger wrists. You don't need special equipment. These wrist exercises don't require you to buy any expensive wrist pain treatment devices. You can strengthen your wrists and relieve your pain with nothing more than a backpack!


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