How to Relieve Hip Pain While Sleeping

I used to have horrendous hip pain at night. Any time I rolled on to my side, I would get a gnawing, aching sensation in my hips.

I didn't want to take pain pills or muscle relaxants. Doctors were of no help. Chiropractors just wanted to pop my spine, and that never helped my hips feel better.  Acupuncturists wanted to stick needles in me. Massage therapists kept trying to push harder to make the hip pain go away. But nothing really helped.

...Until I realized that nobody was helping me strengthen my hips.

If you're frustrated with constant hip pain when sleeping at night, I have two videos that'll help you. These are the exact exercises I found helpful for me, and I hope they're helpful for you.

So if your hips hurt at night, scroll down for my 100% free and effective exercises to help. 


Understanding the Problem

For those who want to understand why your hips hurt when lying down, this section is for you.

Many times doctors and other health professionals will tell you that your hip pain problems are a result of some sort of genetic deformity (like hip impingement) or some kind of process over which you have no control (hip arthritis). 

Their solutions will generally involve some kind of invasive treatment like injections, pills, or surgery. And often these solutions won't do anything to fix your hip pain at night.  

If you're lucky enough to be told that some kind of exercise might help, you end up in the hands of a physical therapist. Unfortunately, the therapist might have no idea how to help you. Many physical therapy protocols for hip pain are based on an orthopedic surgeon's perspective on hip pain. And in an orthopedic's mindset, your muscles are just things to cut out of the way.

The end result is hip pain protocols are often based on abstract and erroneous assumptions about the causes of hip pain. Doctors will search for anatomical "abnormalities" instead of thinking about healthy muscle function.


Here's a simple concept you should remember: ATROPHY ACHES.


Put simply, if you have weak muscles they will not feel good. This alone explains the massive amounts of hip pain that people get when lying in bed. It's not from "overworking" your hips. It's from underworking them all day, every day, for decades. 

We all spend many hours sitting for work, commuting, and relaxing. This leads to atrophy in our hip muscles. 

So instead of wasting our time searching for some kind of structural deformity, we are better off addressing the highly probable weaknesses in our hip muscles. 

I've learned over the years to follow the mantra of ATM - Always Think Muscles. This approach pays huge dividends.

I suffered for years with hip pain at night. These exercises a huge difference for me and for the millions of people who have already seen these videos. And, best of all, they are free. You don't even have to leave home to do these hip strengthening exercises.


Videos to Help with Hip Pain at Night

This video demonstrates hip strengthening exercises that will help strengthen common weak hip muscles. You can make a list of each exercise and figure out which ones work best for you with a little trial and error. Just keep in mind everyone is different so just because these hip exercises helped me doesn't mean they'll help you!


And this video is a follow-along workout for your hip pain while sleeping. If you don't care about detailed explanations, you can just watch this video, do the workout with me on screen, and reap the benefits. Remember to take it easy your first few times! Slow is safe. Fast is foolish!


You Don't Have to Suffer With Hip Pain

When my hip pain was at its worst, I worried that I needed to get hip surgery. In my thirties, I had a doctor actually tell me to STOP all activity or I would ruin my hips. Believe it or not, he was a nonsurgical specialist, and if I had followed his advice about my allegedly "arthritic" hip, I would likely be stuck in a wheelchair.

Instead of following the well-intentioned but misguided health advice, I have found freedom from pain through movement. And I've helped tens of thousands of hip pain sufferers find relief with my free youtube videos and premium online programs.

Speaking of which, I invite you check out my Healthy Hips program to rebuild your hips at home! 


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