Hard to get up from a chair? Part 2: Exercises to help you stand up

This is Part 2 in a series. If you want a more detailed understanding of WHY you have trouble getting up out of a chair, check out Part 1 here

A quick summary of why it's hard to get up from a chair

Long periods of sitting train your muscles into the sitting position. Standing requires those muscles to do something totally different. 

To help your body relearn how to stand (and with less of that creaky transition time), you need to give your body the right exercises. 

Let's show you a few simple ones right now! 


A simple exercise routine to help you get out of your chair

If you haven't done any exercise at all in years, you may only be able to do this full routine twice a week. But you...

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Hard to stand up after long periods of sitting? Part 1: The WHY

These days, a lot of people feel like it's hard to stand up after long periods of sitting. 

You're at the office, working on a report for a few hours, and you go to get something from the printer. When you try to stand, you feel like the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz getting out of your seat. 

You've been sitting at the dining table for twenty minutes. You go to stand up, and it's like your legs don't work anymore. 

What's going on here? And how do you fix it? 

In this article, we're going to look at WHY you have trouble getting up out of a chair and in part 2, we'll give you some simple exercises you can use to improve your body's strength and mobility gradually and safely.


Is getting up out of a...

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